best movie cats

The five best cats in film is dead-set on petting each and every one of these movie cats. Check out our favorites in the gallery below!

Cats. You either love them or hate them, undoubtedly. There’s really no in-between. Hopefully, though, everyone has love in their hearts for movie cats. If you’re allergic, a movie cat is far enough removed to keep their dander away from your sinuses. If you’re scared of them, there’s no way these felines could hurt you. If you’re a dog, then… you’ll probably still hate these cats, probably. That’s the only exception. No object permeance.

Anyway, cats have been utilized in film since before the Golden Age and will continue to be used on-screen until their ultimate extinction (no matter how dark that is). Lovable sidekicks, evil entities, pets of leads, whatever. They’re all great, and the five best ones are here for you to enjoy.

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Source: Comingsoon
Author: Nate Williams