Get comfortable and sexy as we celebrate 5 years of the For Your Reference podcast! Love and splooshes to all of you for supporting the podcast since Feb 2019 and big ups to friends and lovers that joined us on the red carpet!

Red Carpet Pod Twinnies – Sunni & Brandi (Book of Lies), Em (Verbal Diorama)

Mini Splooshies

Red Carpet VIP – Kolby (Kolby Told Me), Ben (FilmBusters), Julio (The Contrarians), Brent (Home Video Hustle podcast)

Awards – Firm Foundation

Red Carpet Day Ones – AnimeNerd, Jamal (TFC & Jamal the Broker), Dustin (Sandman Stories Presents)

Awards – Pardon the Pun

Red Carpet Day Ones – Nik (LizeeAngel), Tom (HANZ), Aubrey, Joey & Marquee Mark (SoWizard), Arjun (Deep into History)

Awards – Reverse Primae Noctis

Red Carpet Guests Day Ones – Frank (Geek Freaks), Lia (We are the Watchers), Casey (Case sees movies)

Awards – Striking Urethras

Red Carpet Guests Day Ones – Dudi (Dudi Reviews), Kevin (Kevin the Critic), Mike (On My Mind)

Awards – Daddywood

Red Carpet Guests- Jason (Woolong Talks), Leigh & Tim (Popcorn Podcast), JC

Awards – Sploosh Mountain

Red Carpet Guests – Junior, Maz & Aladdin (Outtake), Meosha (Creator to Creators), Timprovise (Honest to Who?)