Wendy Mocke is an award winning Papua New Guinean interdisciplinary storyteller and a NIDA Acting graduate, working across live performance and film as an actor, writer and visual artist.

Samoan-Maltese-Australian producer Jessica Magro founded Purple Carrot Entertainment, an independent production company committed to telling the untold stories of misrepresented Australia.

Bad Ancestors is a satire and black comedy that centres on two best friends: Nora and Charli, millennials who haven’t figured out life and “adulting”. Bad Ancestors will be out on ABC’s YouTube channel worldwide this February.

Watch the video interview!

0:00 Interview – Jess and Wendy
00:16 Introduction to the Guests
00:54 The Excitement of the Interview
01:26 Discussing Pacific Islanders Identity
02:49 The Importance of Representation
08:11 The Challenges of Being the Only Pasifika Project
11:40 The Creative Process Behind Bad Ancestors
16:06 The Power of Collaboration and Community
20:17 The Impact of Bad Ancestors
28:29 The Power of Delusion and Collective Success
29:03 The Role of Ancestors and Community in Personal Success
29:21 The Importance of a Good Cast and Crew
31:48 The Challenges and Rewards of Being a Producer
37:13 The Struggle for Recognition and Validation in the Industry
42:12 The Importance of Community Support Over Industry Accolades
44:08 The Power of Representation and Shared Experiences
47:35 The Importance of Cross-Cultural Relationships
51:27 Final Thoughts and Recommendations