In this jam-packed episode, the hosts of the For Your Reference Podcast discuss several exciting topics. The show starts with a deep dive into ‘Next Goal Wins’, directed by Taika Waititi, critiquing some of the writing and direction choices. The conversation then moves to ‘True Detective Night Country’, praising its gripping storytelling and representation of Indigenous issues. The hosts also cover ‘Ted’, ‘Priscilla’, and the musical adaptation of ‘The Color Purple’. The episode concludes with a discussion of upcoming reviews and a reminder to support black, brown, and indigenous cinema. 

00:00 Introduction and Podcast Overview

00:48 Review of ‘Next Goal Wins’

10:28 Discussion on ‘True Detective Night Country’

14:55 Thoughts on ‘Ted’

17:47 Critique of ‘Priscilla’

26:33 Analysis of ‘The Color Purple’

32:49 Conclusion and Upcoming Content