Welcome to Reference Max where we review: Next Goal Wins, True Detective: Night Country, Ted, Priscilla, Anatomy of a Fall and The Color Purple.


In this episode, the hosts review several films and TV shows. They start with a review of the film ‘Next Goal Wins’, discussing its heartwarming yet slightly disjointed tale and the lack of depth in the characters. They then move on to review the TV show ‘True Detective: Night Country’, praising its suspenseful storytelling and strong performances. The hosts also review the TV show ‘Ted’, describing it as a refreshing and hilarious palate cleanser. They discuss the film ‘Priscilla’, expressing their qualms with its portrayal of the relationship between Priscilla and Elvis. The hosts then review the film ‘The Color Purple’, noting its lack of emotional depth compared to the original film. Finally, they review the film ‘Anatomy of a Fall’, praising its compelling dialogue and storytelling. The episode concludes with a discussion of upcoming reviews and a reminder to support black, brown, and indigenous cinema.


  • Next Goal Wins lacked depth in its characters and suffered from a disjointed narrative.
  • True Detective: Night Country is a suspenseful and well-acted TV show.
  • Ted is a hilarious and refreshing TV show that stands out from similar shows.
  • Priscilla falls short in portraying the relationship between Priscilla and Elvis.
  • The Color Purple lacks emotional depth compared to the original film.
  • Anatomy of a Fall features compelling dialogue and storytelling.


00:00 Introduction and Podcast Overview

00:48 Review of ‘Next Goal Wins’

10:28 Discussion on ‘True Detective Night Country’

14:55 Thoughts on ‘Ted’

17:47 Critique of ‘Priscilla’

26:33 Analysis of ‘The Color Purple’

32:49 Conclusion and Upcoming Content