Runaway to the city for your chance to make it big! Find joy and fall in love through the very real pain in this country’s history. Harmonise with The Sapphires this week.

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We also got more great watching recs from our First Nations fam:

Ten Canoes (2006)
Sweet Country (2017)
The Drover’s Wife (2021)
Charlie’s Country (2013)
My Survival as an Aboriginal (1978)
The Last Wave (1977)


The episode discusses the film ‘The Sapphires’ and explores various themes such as the stolen generation, the white saviour trope, and the connection between Aboriginal people and Black Americans. The hosts also discuss the music in the film and the relationships between the characters. Overall, the episode provides a comprehensive analysis of the film and its cultural significance.


  • The Sapphires explores important themes such as the stolen generation and the impact of colonisation on Aboriginal communities.
  • The music in The Sapphires is a standout feature, showcasing the talent of the cast and providing a soulful backdrop to the story.
  • The film raises questions about identity and belonging, particularly in relation to the characters and their connection to their Indigenous heritage.


00:00 Introduction and Reconciliation Action Plan
03:10 Background and Cast
05:42 First Impressions
06:24 Light-hearted Moments and Dark Themes
08:18 Music and Singing
14:25 The Stolen Generation and Family Dynamics
21:48 White Savior Trope
25:03 Kay and Gale’s Relationship
27:46 Black Experience and Connection to Black Americans
29:43 The Music and its Impact
35:18 Kay and Robbie’s Relationship
39:25 Lack of Emotional Impact
45:08 Closing Thoughts