Choose your adventure as we grow roots, set sail and uncover familial betrayal with the final season of the series, Vikings. Check out our episode covering Seasons 1-5.


Director: Steve Saint Leger, David Frazee, Daniel Grou, Helen Shaver, Paddy Breathnach, Katheryn Winnick (1)

Writers: Michael Hirst

Released: December 2019

Network: History Channel/Amazon Prime Video

Cast: Katheryn Winnick, Gustaf Skarsgård, Alexander Ludwig

Breakdown and Analysis

  • The final season was emotional seeing characters we love and their stories coming to a close. Tearing at the deaths of Lagertha and Bjorn.
  • There’s nothing more special than delving into a world where you come to love and watch characters grow and learn and get back up.
  • We accepted that all characters would meet their demise. Usually self inflicted or self fulfilling. We know where we are going to go and it’s exactly how we want it to. Every character received a beautiful spotlight and attention on them.
  • The best final seasons are already wrapping up well before the final episode. When a show is ending and you can start to feel it coming to a close, there shouldn’t be any surprises.
  • With a firm foundation of Ragnar we can see his traits inherited by his sons. Usually when big shows lose their star lead it can hurt the show but Lagertha held our feelings and attention.
  • The looming of death remained constant with Lagertha and were not happy about the manner in which she died. Oti thought and would have preferred it if it had been Ivar but KT reckons Hvitserk made sense and was absolutely more frustrating.
  • We knew there would be a big war between the brothers so it was nice to focus and lay Lagertha to rest.
  • Reflecting on Bjorn’s relationship between Lagertha and Ragnar were most welcome.
  • Oti believes Bjorn inherited Ragnar’s warrior skills and sense of adventure. KT believes Bjorn has the gusto and cajones but not the warrior skills that Ragnar possessed. She offers he is the most brave, willing to take a leap without knowing a net is there. KT also says Bjorn inherited the ability to appeal to his common man and bring them together. He also treated women badly.
  • We were dismayed at Rollo’s storyline fizzling. So much potential and it all amounted to nothing.
  • Finehair has the feeling and fact of inadequacy toward Ragnar. What he didn’t realise was how much the people loved Bjorn, not just being the son of Ragnar but the man he became.
  • Ivar was the only son to follow Ragnar and they formed a special bond. Oti emphasises Ivar was more ruthless than Ragnar. Ivar did go further but it is not out of the realms of what Ragnar could do had he lived on. KT reminds Oti that the only blood eagle is carried out by Ragnar. He got Ivar to his final form in their moments together and reminding him who he is and the power he wields.
  • At the centre we have Ragnar and all the qualities are inherited in his sons. KT provides insight in that the sons lived further so indeed went further than what Ragnar achieved in some ways.
  • Ivar has the best story arc. As much as we love Bjorn he was set up to lead and rule over Norway. Ivar was villainised based on what people did and did not see. KT maintains there was humanity to Ivar’s character.
  • Oti believes Ubbe is the closest to Ragnar out of the brothers.
  • Ragnar the navigator is Bjorn. Ragnar waging war and seeking power is Ivar.
  • We didn’t think we would see Floki again so it was nice to close out his arc. We believed him to be the next Seer. Surprising that Floki no longer latched onto the Viking way.
  • Hvitserk inherited the combat skills from Ragnar. The same way Bjorn had his vices with women, Hvitserk had his vices with drugs.
  • Oti tries to make Othere a Raiden.

Unrelated but vital points

  • If you see KT thirsting on socials, mind your business.
  • Oti shows off more of his aussie slang.
  • KT is working on a Grease spin off called Ivar Lovin’.
  • The Wire reference.
  • Kevin Jonas gets another mention in the podcast, albeit shady.