Welcome to the city of sinner and saints where ambition is paid in the sacrifice of your loved ones. Join us as we expand operations with the FX show, Snowfall Season 4. Check out our episode covering seasons 1-3.


Creators: John Singleton, Eric Amadio, and Dave Andron

Season 4: February 2021

Network: FX


Breakdown and Analysis

  • Oti did not anticipate what we received especially after the fizzle of the end of season 3. To continually deliver on each episode is something to behold. To witness the show continue without diminished quality is high praise.
  • Every episode was wholly encapsulated and self contained. This season was beautifully crafted and we are completely bought into the world of Snowfall. Every decision, be it bad or otherwise, we anticipate how each character will respond to it.
  • There was so much dutiful groundwork that was set in the initial season that builds to the enjoyment of the current season.
  • Stories about the origins of drugs and building wealth through dealing drugs is not new. However, this show always brings focus back on emotional resonance with characters in this show.
  • There was nothing that Franklin would do that KT wouldn’t be able to mental gymnastics herself to understand his decisions.
  • Teddy was telling Franklin about strategic military deployments and Franklin was trying to apply them but they weren’t fit for purpose.
  • Each decision Franklin makes chips away at the relationships he has with people.
  • There is a fundamental knowledge to being on the streets and Oti is not convinced Franklin possesses this. KT believes that Franklin is aware but doesn’t respect the rules of the streets.
  • Cissy has it in her mind that she is doing good and we see this further when Franklin offers to look after the book owners and sell it from under their feet. Oti does not share his same sentiments in Concrete Cowboy and felt for the couple even though gentrification was inevitable.
  • A simmering boil that came to realisation in this season was the relationship and fragmenting of the relationship between Franklin and Alton.
  • We have moments that were forcing us to feel a way. If you cared about Alton it would tip you over because it portrays him as a dutiful father. However all the fortunes of the household came from Franklin.
  • Alton is seeing the same people he fought to save become hooked. For Alton to walk his own path, he had to do the same.
  • No one man in the opposition that is being targeted can take down a system. Specifically, Alton could not take down the CIA so everything he was doing was hurting his son, wife and those around him. He could not stop the forces in motion.
  • Alton made his choices, aware of how things worked and made peace with his choice. But was confused that Teddy came to tie loose strings? Proximity shrapnel.
  • Oti references District 9 in getting the prawns addicted to cat food and draws parallels to Snowfall.
  • Alton was trying to hurt the enemy without realising or caring that Franklin was in the crossfire.
  • Cissy was all for Franklin’s operations when it became legitimate. She held a lot of scorn for Jerome without realising he was Franklin’s buffer from the streets. Cissy could be turned at the flip of a coin. Big Pimpin. She moved in believable ways at least.
  • Louie should have been more open with Jerome and not keep secrets from him. Especially because Jerome opens the doors for Franklin.
  • Oti makes the claim that Franklin didn’t care about his people while KT counters a spin off that will take the gleam off Alton.
  • Teddy has cut all emotional ties and it is solidified in the dad calling to say his brother died and the funeral is over.
  • Teddy felt a kinship with Franklin. That his ambition was worth showing him the ropes.
  • KT latched onto Irene as soon as she was introduced on the show. As much as she was ambitious her personal relationships fell apart. Oti can see the folly in Irene’s attempt but not for Alton.
  • Stories continue to be buried because the elite few have it in their best interests to not have the truth come to life.
  • Every character had a moment of reflection and epiphany. Whether they learned from it was interesting to watch but every character got their spotlight.

Unrelated but vital points

  • On the mantelpiece with Insecure for incredible Season 4.
  • KT loves a one night stand with a film but will choose a TV show everytime.
  • Heavy is the crown that stampeth on other people – Oti wisdom
  • Oti is sure we will cover The Longest Yard on the podcast.
  • C’est la vie, Say Daddy
  • KT uses Oti’s words and history against him. Felt good.
  • Snowfall Season 5: Cloak & Daggers, Blood & Sand.