Don’t touch those foreshadowing oranges because we are referencing an offer you cannot refuse with The Godfather trilogy this week. Quality is quality is quality.

Breakdown and Analysis

  • Pivotal cornerstone in modern cinema.
  • What is great will continue to be great til the end of time. Quality is quality is quality.
  • We have watched many by-products, movies that pay homage before watching, it was pleasantly surprising to have so much depth.
  • Godfather Part 1 and Part 2 are symbiotic in nature. If possible, where you feel Part 1 may have been lacking, it is addressed in Part 2. They had a reciprocity between the two. KT regards the two as one entity.
  • The trilogy requires investment. You need to live and breathe inside of that world.
  • Michael is still innocent in the first movie and by the second he is fully immersed. In Part 2 it felt like he didn’t have any reprieve at all. From innocence and evil. The struggle between the two. Michael is not the sort of person that would feel any remorse so Part 3 felt inconsistent. Fredo was a brother until he was no longer a brother. He was not even an ally at that point. He took advantage of his familial ties and was given more grace than others were given. Suffered from classic middle child syndrome.
  • Michael is new age and does not respect the rules of the old world. Oti compares him to Marlo from The Wire. Michael took out all 5 family heads to further solidify his power. There was so much upheaval in Part 2. People were coming for him in all directions.
  • When Michael felt the betrayal from Fredo, it was clear what needed to be done. But made it clear not to do anything while the mother was still alive. KT compares Fredo to Ephialtes from 300.
  • KT found it hard to keep up in Part 1. She has difficulty establishing characters especially introducing 20 in the first half hour. It weakened to meaningfulness of taking out certain characters because the emotional context was not there.
  • Everyone loves the underdog. Yeah it’s cool you’re successful but we want to know how you got there. Because life will keep you in the teeth and your teeth will fall into your ass (fake Tongan proverb).
  • It was entirely refreshing on how forthright Michael was. Kay we well aware of the family’s affairs. What else does the coronation of a mafia boss mean?
  • The most efficient leader is the leader that doesn’t indulge in his leadership. Michael didn’t care for the vices readily available to him.
  • They all cry business when they are in the wrong but every time else, they were all about being a family.

Unrelated vital points

  • Oti is lucky young De Niro was around when KT met him.
  • Oti goes on the record to say Godfather felt longer than LOTR. He also goes on to say that as a trilogy, LOTR is stronger. Please direct your complaints accordingly.
  • Authentic: the vomit word of the day brought to you by Oti.
  • We entered this watching experience with a marbled steaks and full bodied wine.
  • If Oti and rubbing and ten fold is in the conversation, KT is all in.
  • KT is late but she gets it. Why this Trilogy is an eretheal, all encompassing piece of cinema. It satisfies the cinephiles and bros with cheetos all over the joystick.
  • Oti gives a shout out to Arseblog.
  • If you are a legend you can do whatever the fuck you want. Unless you’re a garbage person. Let legends lie, whether it is out of complacency or retirement.
  • You can understand a reference without actually watching it.

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