Super tongue has entered the chat with the pertinent query: How many licks does it take to get the centre of *checks notes* professional virgins? Answer the call with the 1974 Black Christmas this week.


Directed by: Bob Clark
Written by: Roy Moore
Released: October 1974
Budget: $620,000
Worldwide Gross: $4,100,000
Cast: Olivia Hussey, Keir Dullea, Margot Kidder

Breakdown and Analysis

  • Being conscious of the time of release, we really enjoyed the film and it was clear that it influenced many to come out after this. KT made a comparison to Michael Myers and how it could have been a possible influence. We loved the professional virgin morsels offered in this film.
  • Comparing how KT felt 1992 Candyman delivered so much and left none wanting and extends that to 1974 Black Christmas.
  • As much as we didn’t know about Billy, it added to the intrigue. The things he said on the phone, the vulgar nature indicates he had some fractured past. Billy would call after each victim and this paid off at the end when the phone rings. The film wasn’t about why Billy was killing and this is why it works as opposed to Michael Myers senseless killing. The difference is that Black Christmas had a smaller scale and people weren’t aware that people were dying. Someone was antagonising these young women, and because we as the audience were given more information we were watching the eventual onslaught.
  • Not to the point of being a serial killer, but KT discounted Peter. Interestingly the creators bringing up and portraying abortion was aimed to be politically neutral. We give kudos to the film for even presenting the theme in the 1970s. Because Peter valued himself over the personal freedom of Jess, KT was ready for him to die even if he wasn’t the killer.
  • Barb presented a way to nullify Billy and we thought she would be the final girl. KT does not like the off hand comment Barb made about assault. PSA: If you can’t support other women, mind your fucking business and leave women alone. Something about Barb screamed ‘I am an asshole but I am an asshole because of my past’. She had the most texture as a character but it didn’t build to anything.
  • Despite not showing the brutality to it’s fullest extent, the violence in this film was very effective. Since we don’t see Billy it is consistent with the violent killing scene.
  • It was sad that Clare was the first victim, seeing as she was insulted by Barb and wasn’t feeling good about herself. To have Clare missing and there being a killer on the loose, it was too strong of a coincidence.
  • Fuller gave us so much hope, especially contrasting with Nash. Having Nash helped to draw out the suspense as it was believable that he would be so incompetent and allowed for the killings to continue. Fuller brought some credibility to the film despite not checking the house thoroughly. If we are to believe he is smart, he should not have left Jess there on her own. Oti points out that Fuller had already entrusted Jess in someone’s care.
  • Phyl was the silent hero in the film and she didn’t even get to have her own killing scene moment.
  • It was unsettling how the recent murders were treated like banal weather chatter.
  • We theorise whether Jess is killed by Billy. Oti believes the phone call signified that it happened or was happening. KT felt sorry for Billy especially as the calls continued and he pleaded for someone to stop him. To be on the receiving end of such chaotic and vulgar calls, it would be difficult to process it. They didn’t need to give Billy depth however there were absolute breadcrumbs as to his troubled past.
  • After Janice’s body was found, we thought that surely everyone would be on alert and connect the dots to Clare’s disappearance.
  • We suspect that Billy only kills women seeing as Peter was in the house for a lot of the time that the killings are taking place. Perhaps for reasons outside of the scope in the film but it felt intentional.
  • We witness the beautiful lesson of delighting in what is offered and not asking for more. Because you will get more and regret it.

Unrelated but vital points

  • We learned our lesson with Legally Blonde to not sour our experience with subsequent films.
  • KT references Jordan Peele & Colton Dunne sketch that can be found on youtube.
  • Oti’s hate for Tasha in Power permeates and is as present.
  • If KT had a nightmare that someone came into her room to harm her, she would not go back to sleep in that room.
  • We love and honour Dr Loomis and Donald Pleasance.
  • Oti is into Horatio from CSI almost as much as Horatio is. KT coins Horatio Fellatio.
  • KT calls out to our United States friends and lovers about how common those lattice fences are that we see in films that get used as a ladder.
  • We reference Naruto to comfort our anime friends and lovers.
  • Oti coins ‘slash-ic’.