Take a swig of your Jameson and hold onto your tiny furniture because we have a special bonus episode. Check out our main The Wire episode. Guests are Amy D and Chuck from Why I’m Single Podcast.

Breakdown and Analysis

  • Lance Reddick is from Baltimore but doesn’t appear to have the O heavy accent. Amy D mentions that accents can vary based on where in Baltimore people are from.
  • We have a delicious tangent on our accents. Aussie, Kenyan and good ol BaltimOOOre!
  • Amy D introduces us to the 12 o’clock boys. Which from what I understand, are kids riding go carts in all traffic and police cannot pursue them. Hence they are a prominent fixture of the Baltimore aesthetic.
  • Amy D also explained what squeegee boys are. Much to KT’s disappointment, it does not involve titty squishing.
  • We talk about gentrification and the real impacts it has on the community. Areas that were gentrified and pushed people out due to a hike in rents and the new people not understaning how this affects everyone else. Example of this in the show is when Nicky Sobotka and his girlfriend went to their aunt’s old place and McNulty’s ex wife talks about the name of the suburb.
  • Baltimore music is very distinctive and this is played out in the show where Snoop and Chris are driving out New Yorkers.
  • Amy D shared another true life influence into the show. Ed Norris was a real homicide detective, even held title of Police Commissioner. He was found guilty of mortgage loan fraud so this could have been inspiration for the Clay Davis stroyline.
  • Amy D reflects on the riots and how it changed the community.
  • We talk a bit more about the vacants and Amy D and Chuck confirm that this was real. Families that could afford to move, did. Chuck mentioned it was referred to as white flight. Example of this in the show is during Hamsterdam when Bunny is trying to convince an old lady to move but she declines. She mentions they were able to buy the house when there were white people still in the area.
  • We have a fun time talking about community meetings where they suffer no fools and demand the truth from police.
  • Amy D mentions how McNulty is similar to the lead guy in Californication. The guy you just wished would get their shit together.
  • Bubbles is a solid character and he offers a new portrayal of someone that is suffering from addiction. There was complexity and more facets to him than just being an addict. He didn’t feel as though he deserved anything good to happen to him, and this becomes even more intense when his protege dies by his own hand.
  • Bunk is a fan favourite and a highlight to his character is when he burns his clothes in an effort to destroy trace evidence. A noble plan but not much material in what he would wear. This was also the same episode Bunk says to McNulty that he is no good for anyone.
  • We dived into police corruption and how blatantly common it was. Amy brought up how a cop could make $200,000 in overtime. But people going into the force shouldn’t get in it for the money. Just doesn’t work that way.
  • There appears ot be a strong bond within the homicide department. Whether this works in the public favour or not.
  • We talk about Hamsterdam and whether this really happened. Not explicitly but people know it is happening. Amy D shares a story about someone telling her if you go looking for a hooker you will find one.
  • Are people like Clay Davis? Are there people that continually do dodgy things and accept bribes and are, by all appearances, untoucable?
  • There’s also a lot of talk about the education system, how it has become a strategic play to keep funding as opposed to being able to focus on the children. This is also exemplified through the truancy program to ensure a kid attends just one day a month, not addressing why they kids are skipping. Prez becomes attached to Dukie and is given the sad reality when O’Donnelly says there will always be a Duquan and he needs to let him go. Social promotion.
  • We talk beers. Amy D talk about corrs light. Chuck strongly recommends Ressurection and Sweet Baby Jesus (Chocolate Peanut Butter beer). And we share how Tusker is the breastmilk of Kenya.
  • In a tangent we discuss indigenous people day. Also how tiki torches has been ruined for everyone.

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