Round up your stick up crew and finish installing that stained glass window because up on The Wire this week. Quid Pro Mo and bonus episode later this week from Why I’m Single podcast.


Released: 2002-2008
Network: HBO
Creators: David Simon & Ed Burns

Breakdown and Analysis

  • Writing was great, acting was great. This show really has it all.
  • We appreciated the depth of details. It’s not needed for people to watch
  • McNulty is a dog with a bone. Whether it’s his literal bone or a case. He is functional in a few things but in everything else, he falls apart. S1 McNulty wanted to do real work and make real change. The systems did not allow him to do real work, like through political pressures. He found ways, usually though Judge Phelan to get the job done. Unfortunately it left a trail of people he used. S5 McNulty was full blown rogue lol He is essentially the protagonist and the driving force for the main plots of the show. He sought all his gratification in one basket. Find another hole to gain satisfaction.
  • Avon and Stringer has a strong dynamic at the start of the series but it was clear they had different ambitions. Avon was king of the streets and was happy over his dominion. Idris wanted to diversify and become legit. Avon had a strong sense of loyalty and looking after his own. Stringer did not care for the crew and that becomes his demise.
  • Avon would not have ordered a hit on a politician. He understands not to bring unnecessary attention.
  • Stringer ordered a hit on Omar on a Sunday morning. He didn’t respect the rules. He acted like he didn’t know how things ran. He wanted to go legit but when it didn’t work out he wanted to take out a politician.
  • Stringer made dumb decisions and his setup with Brother Mouzone and Omar was sloppy.
  • People need to give more love to S2.
  • So many likable characters on both sides.
  • Wallace, wallace, wallace. Will we ever truly recover? How does a kid navigate his actions contributing to the spread eagle of Brandon. He was in the vacants and it wasn’t as if he was in a functional family with stability both emotionally and financially.
  • Oti compared Wallace to Naymond. He is dead wrong but because I am a fair queen, I will note it down.
  • Bunk is a solid character and friend. Also we are blessed with his lacrosse body. He did his best to keep McNulty in line.
  • Kima’s character was ruined. She was set up to be a mini McNulty and he never would have snitched. Don’t even know what her motivation, it was surely a plot device. It didn’t surprise us that Carver snitched
  • Why didn’t Kima communicate that she didn’t want a child? Why didn’t she just say that?
  • Cheryl and Marla were the same and did not accept Kima and Cedric for who they are.
  • Herc is an example of what not to be. He was capable but needed lots of guidance. He wasn’t the worst of the bunch. Best moment was him going undercover with the toothpick. He landed in a place that made sense for him. He did well on the sargeant’s exam.
  • A big theme in The Wire, networks and connections were very important.
  • Oti was deeply, constantly disappointed by Carver. He didn’t start off perfect but he was teachable and changed under the tutelage of Bunny Colvin.
  • When the house caught ablaze and Carver tries to appeal to Randy, it was one of the most heartbreaking moments of this series. He had the most promise out of the streets.
  • We love a deliciously petty Valchek. It was a fun little sub arc when his surveillance van goes on a trip around the world.
  • Ziggy is the most insufferable character with no redeeming qualities. He always felt like he needed to put on a show. He made himself a caricature and got frustrated when noone saw more dimension to him. He had a big dick but didn’t carry himself like that.
  • Loved having Method Man on this series. They gave up the wire for his dog. They killed my dog man!
  • Like a tragedy, all the dominoes fell around Nicky. The finale of S2 was such an intense atmosphere.
  • Employment issues at the dock was very relatable. When Frank was trying to get support he was presented with a process to automate everything. There are genuine concerns going from manual work to robotics.
  • It was hard to understand Marlo’s motivations. Avon was a gangster, for all appearances, but he followed a code.
  • Bodie had the most compelling character development in the series. We see him rise through the ranks and even early on it was clear that he was built for the streets. He was an ambitious soldier that could be realied upon and he knew what he was doing. Him being able to free himself from being entraped was a delight to watch. The demise of Bodie wasn’t on his own volition, he had support backing him. He was out there alone. He didn’t deserve to be done like that. Bodie had had enough of the distrust in the s
  • If Omar is not on the Top 10 best characters, then we rebuke you in the name of For Your Reference. He had a code and left the general public. For the most part, aside from what he needed, he minded his own business.
  • Oti doesn’t understand why Prop Joe gave everything to Marlo. It is important to see the bigger picture, he was merely trying to stay alive playing both sides. It was inevitable but he was a beloved character.
  • Oti goes on a rampage and embodies all his anger for Kenyan politicians into Tommy Carcetti, even visually.
  • Carcetti had ambitions beyond his city and did not deliver what he initially promised. He is not all the problems, we see scenes with the old mayor and also Clarence. When you have such a high position, you relinquish some of that power to those around you.
  • Oti also came for Cedric Daniels. Nobody is safe.
  • The Wire so beautifully immersed in a world of things and people that are not perfect. And issues, that unfortunately for a long time, won’t  be addressed. To have the journalism point of view, really finished the story of Baltimore through the context of The Wire.

Unrelated but vital points

  • HBO will always be the giants. Cinematic experience and expansive narratives on TV. Oz. Sopranos. Daddywood. Need we go on?
  • A thousand Paul Bettany lashes to KT. 
  • We all want to immerse ourselves in Idris. Don’t lie.
  • Oti is able to slide in another anime reference. Credit to him.
  • Oti tries to start a fight to build some viral attention to our upcoming Power episode.
  • We are not talking about our friendly nights.
  • Characters don’t need to perfect but KT cannot handle self righteousness.
  • Everyone wants Idris’ cake. It’s a married cake, but what can you do?
  • If an Australian says good for you or good on ya, it is not good for you or good on ya
  • Oti’s your phrase or mine: Cheek to cheek. Hand to hand.
  • KT’s your phrase or mine: Urethra to urethra.
  • According to Oti, accidentally falling into pussy is possible.
  • PSA: Communicate before you fall onto pussy or get impaled by a dick.
  • Hang around your bosses’ office for a promotion. You might end up getting both raises!
  • KT has a secret Finance folder. Cash your ziggys today!
  • KT always spills her seed in front of our google home mini so she can be spared in the digital after life.
  • Oti used to watch an offbrand Scooby Doo called Kadoof.
  • Carcettis in Kenya – The first track on Fake Oti’s mixtape dropping this Summer.
  • Check out Oti Half Life, more popularly Nairobi Half Life.
  • Norman is Mahershala’s voice daddy. KT calls him Honey Grandaddy.
  • There aren’t many shows that can be in the same conversation with The Wire. We got snubbed at the Emmys.
  • Shoutout to Late to The Show for Breaking Bad coverage.

For Your Reference

Oti’s pick

[imdb style=”gray”]tt0286486[/imdb]

KT’s pick

[imdb style=”gray”]tt0348914[/imdb][imdb style=”gray”]tt0118421[/imdb]