With the help of Cristian from Nerds with Friends we navigate all the drama of this last season and recap the second last episode. Check out our full episode covering the 7 seasons of Game of Thrones: https://fyrpodcast.com/episode/game-of-thrones-unhand-me-you-baratheon/

Breakdown and Analysis

  • We open this episode with our beloved Varys. It is true that the writing was on the wall from the start, especially given his role in the show, doesn’t mean it lessens the pain. It’s unfortunate he didn’t get his stand off with Baelish as their dynamic provided great fanfare.
  • Closest consensus on who would take the throne is Tyrion. Not hard to surmise this with so few fit to rule the throne.
  • Daenerys has always been problematic and unless you deliberately went out of your way, there was foreshadowing to her fire trigger tendencies.
  • Jamie and Cersei deserve each other. We were hoping for a more cruel way to take out Cersei, especially for all she has done, but rocks were her demise.
  • Who doesn’t love a thrilling brother on brother battle royale? What started off as innocent play fighting as children become a deep seeded resentment for each other that came to a head in this episode. We also discuss that Mountain must be the strongest in terms of humans in this show. Clegane held his own after a few vital blows. It is to be assumed that both are dead as the hurdle off the edge of the rubble into the burning fire of brotherhood. Add that to your body count, sir.
  • Clegane and No Name Stark. Name a more iconic duo. We’ll wait.
  • Too many people had to die in order for Samwell to live. Including his very close friends. KT expressed surely he is modelled after George R R Martin as that would make sense as to why he becomes one of the most important characters. To which Cristian verified.
  • We spend a cute amount of time swooning over Pod-pussymagnet-rick. Oh to tussle with such a celestial being in his bed chambers! We explore the possibility of him having his own brothel where he will pay the ladies with his magic dick.
  • Daenerys has a fire pussy, not in a good way. More in the way that burns.

Unrelated but vital points

  • Watch out for our new podcast addressing to imbalance of dicks to breasts in media. It’s a thing. Let it happen.
  • KT came for JK Rowling. Legends should stay legends and the longer something goes on or the attempts remain relevant become desperate it chips away at what we love about it. Again Oti and Cristian do not endorse this, although the facts are there. We certainly stan Harry Potter in this household but let’s be real. Go and google her latest antics and fight me. I’ll be right here.
  • We discuss the change dot org petition of reshooting season 8 with new writers. At the time of recording, the petition had reached 919,000 of it’s 1,000,000 goal. As consumers of media, especially when we are truly devoted, it’s important to note we are entering a world that we do not own. It is ours to immerse ourselves not try to change. See Black Mirror: Bandersnatch for such power.

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Our suggestions on what you should watch in supplement of this TV show! As our guest, Cristian offers his picks.

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