We succumb to the worldwide phenomenon this week talking about Game of Thrones. Listen as a long time fan and first time viewer share their thoughts about the most loved and problematic characters!


Premiered: April 2011
Network: HBO
Episodes to date: 67 (up to season 7)

Breakdown and Analysis

  • Tywin Lannister was a perfect example of an OG who didn’t say I love you but would provide and do his best for his kids (Tyrion excluded unfortunately).
  • Cersei did a lot of unforgivable things including using wildfire to kill the Tyrells and the High Septor amongst a lot of innocent people. The most unforgivable was not realising or taking any accountability for beautiful baby Tommen committing suicide.
  • Jaime saw the humanity beyond his fellow Lannisters (Tyrion excluded fortunately). This was demonstrated as before the series begins in him preventing the ‘Mad King’ from killing the city from wildfire. It was heart warming to discover the circumstances behind this and that he wasn’t a tyrant King slayer of sorts.
  • Tyrion was one of the most solid characters in this series and KT has got her money on our boy taking the Throne.
  • Eddard served as the catalyst for the Stark family. His influence is felt through most of his children (still trying to figure out Rickon’s role in all of this)
  • Jon Snow has always been essential to the plot so him dying off permanently make sense for the overarching narrative of the show.
  • Rob Stark wasn’t particularly enticing either. It was pretty dodgy off him not to follow through with his promise to marry Frey’s daughter, especially as this was pivotal in their army being granted passage. There wasn’t much further progression so it made sense for him to be killed off.
  • Sansa survived a lot but it took her almost the whole series for her to find her footing. She is used to playing the role necessary to survive that she lost herself many a time.
  • Arya will be heralded as one of the best characters. Deservedly so! Her story alone could have been fleshed out more and explored as it’s own series.
  • Rickon. There we mentioned him.
  • Bran. That’s all.
  • Theon went through a lot and put people through a lot. For the most part, he was forgiven and even when he saved Sansa. He then went back into our bad books when he jumped ship (literally) and desserted his sister. One of the only few people that vounched for him.
  • Robert Baratheon had his decent moments. A key callout was his strong friendship with Eddard and their tales of the days that were. As we know there will be prequels, we would be up to seeing more of this.
  • Stannis Baratheon was a coward and didn’t stand by decisions he made based on his advisors. We didn’t get to cover it in the podcast but having Brienne be the one to kill Stannis to avenge Renly was a delicious moment.

Unrelated but vital points

  • Americans pronounce the word niche as nitch
  • We love seeing Pedro Pascal in any capacity but particularly as a sexed up playboy

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