Close those curtains and put down that book because we are stalking into the Netflix show You. Quid Pro Mo brought to you by Netflix ‘N Swill podcast.


Released: 2018
Network: Lifetime/Netflix
Based on books by: Caroline Kepnes
Creators: Greg Berlanti, Sera Gamble

Breakdown and Analysis

  • We haven’t read the books.
  • Spoiler – Beck wasn’t smart enough to figure it out lol
  • The  series felt bloated. It didn’t need to be 20 hours. Could have easily  halved the time. We didn’t need all the commentary about Los Angeles.  There was also so much unnecessary exposition.
  • For him to allow emotions and love from others was something that was demonstrated through the meditation sequence.
  • The  initial narration was reminscent of Mr Robot. So KT was expecting a  mastermind. Oti did not expect it and saw him as a flawed human looking  for love.
  • Very haphazardly he strikes people so you can draw  parallels to Dexter. Oti mentioned they are similar in the sense of  being a vigilante.
  • If you’re going to skip town, why would you wait 16 hours?
  • There  is nothing wrong with characters that are fragmented in some or many  ways. What is unbearable for KT are characters that lack basic self  awareness to embrace and present who they really are. Joe did not  believe he was repugnant in any way.
  • All we have is what you present to us. What we build on is bolstered in our frame of reference and further analysis.
  • At  this point of the show he had already killed but in the show it is  framed as if this is the first kill or severe act of violence. If your  twist is something you have withheld from us, we are not interested.
  • All  of us are messed up in some way. You see Joe’s distorted sense of love  through Candace, Beck and Love. He wants someone to accept his love. In  the real world, what this meant was killing people.
  • Beck is flawed in  a lot ways but Joe had a different lens. She would not have achieved  the final novel without Joe locking him in.
  • It didn’t make sense at  the end of the series. We understood his distorted Frame of Reference so  when the tables turn on him and he was met with a love with more  devotion, he couldn’t handle it. He finally found someone that saw him  for him and complimented him. You could say that his inability to love  himself made it impossible for him to receive love. The fact that he was  so abhorrent and digusted to hear the depth of Love’s devotion, was  incredulous.
  • There is a lot of reflection and demons Joe needs to  reconcile within himself before he can start to perceive Love in her  true nature.
  • Through Criminal Minds and Mindhunter we see unsubs  gradually isolate themselves from society but Joe was keen on navigating  both worlds.
  • Joe was waiting to experience Love but was certainly not ready for it.
  • Let’s  take a slice of this Oedipus pie. Candace and Beck weren’t that  dedicated with Joe. Love was the first to reciprocate. His mother did  not care for him, rather the other way around. He felt the need to  protect her, to the point of murder. Mum talks about murdering the dad  and as a kid, Joe saw this as the only way out. It makes sense who he is  as a person. For him to end up in foster homes when home to him was his  mother, it broke him.
  • He wasn’t smart, he wasn’t interesting. Which  becomes a problem when most of the show is narration. It felt like  reading the tweets of someone with 0 followers.
  • Candace was the  catalyst so it was confusing when she was put on the back burner to  focus on the Quinn family or other LA things.
  • Would have been interesting to have the story from Candace’s point of view.
  • Beck  didn’t have a perfect childhood but she amplified her experiences in  order to drain all the emotional investment in a room. She wouldn’t  admit it out loud but her success was attributed to Peach’s death. She  had a strong sense of entitlement. Any time she was given feedback that  wasn’t ass kissing, she cut them off. She was a flirt and she knew to  use her sexuality to get what she wants. She knew what she was evoking.  She wanted to be wanted but she got bored of commitment.
  • The ending could not have been more perfect for him but he took it as a punishment.
  • One of KT’s favourite episode of criminal minds is called Riding the Lightning. A tantalising dynamic of a killer couple.
  • They  gave us enough examples to gain our understanding of who Joe is as a  person. Which made the same same of the end of season 2 more perturbing.
  • Peach loved Beck enough to see her thrive. She would get Beck to hook up with guys that were temporary.
  • Which religion is the religion that gives me superpowers in this mortal life?
  • KT’s high school teacher said she has the charisma of a cult leader. Oti is her first disciple.
  • Easily digestible does not equal most opulent of desires.

Unrelated and vital points

  • KT is still working on her pyschological thriller about Oti
  • Lifetime blessed us with Unreal.
  • Contact  us if you would want a spin off podcast called Oti’s nook where he  covers shows like Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars.
  • Who would have Rami would rise to stardom? Good for him and his parents.
  • Didn’t expect heaven to be delivered when we’re living in Mordor.
  • The  left hand is jerking while the right should be jerking too. Ancient KT  and Oti proverb. Know where your hands are at all times.
  • We need to start a conspiracy podcast.

For Your Reference

Oti’s pick

[imdb style=”gray”]tt0773262[/imdb][imdb style=”gray”]tt0397442[/imdb]

KT’s pick

[imdb style=”gray”]tt7286456[/imdb]