As a Tongan/Aussie woman and a Kenyan man, what do we know about life as African American youth? Nothing but When They See Us is a necessary watch for everyone.


Released: May 2019
Network: Netflix
Oprah Interview: June 2019

Breakdown and Analysis

  • We talked a lot about Yusef and his friendship with Korey. It wasn’t demonstrated through the series but it appeared as though they wasn’t much acknowledgement on the differing circumstances between the 2 boys.
  • Noone can mess you up more than your parents. This was particularly evident between Antron and his father.
  • The guilty charge of the Exonerated Five not only effected these young men but also their families. A touching moment in the series surrounded Kevin and his sister and how she felt guilty enjoying her life while he was locked up. It was not warranted but she blamed herself and didn’t allow for happiness.
  • The relationship between Korey, Marci and their mother was so real and cut so deep.
  • Even after watching this and watching the following up interview with Oprah, I am still trying to comprehend how Korey got through his time in Prison.
  • It was powerful to hear Michael K Williams talk about his experiences growing up at a similar age in the same city.
  • Niecy Nash really shined in this series as portraying Korey’s mother.

Unrelated but vital points

  • 90s and early 00’s all are headlines. It is further fleshed out through those that raised you, teachers that taught you and churches you congregate in.
  • Sometimes toxic people exist within your support network. It’s important to ensure your sense of self is not being compromised by the overaccomodation of these toxic people.
  • With recent miniseries covering high profile cases like OJ, Gianni Versace and the Menendez brothers, you can lose sight of the fact these are real people. Especially in the case with When They See Us. It was already saddening and to add the layer of true life makes watching difficult but necessary.
  • The world still needs Oprah and I’m glad she’s on our screens more often again. Noone else can delicately navigate deep subject matter and make it light. Only Oprah.

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