More give us more give us more! With the recent completion of Season 5 this is the perfect time to sit and reflect on the History Channel’s Vikings. Join us as we venture into spoiler town covering all the best and worst parts of the show. There was not a dry eye by the finale! Ragnar Lothbrok, the man the myth, the legend. Our passionate annoyance or understanding for Floki. And what becomes of Ragnar’s legacy, his sons.


Premiered: March 2013
Network: History Channel
Episodes to date: 69

Breakdown and Analysis

  • Being pleasantly surprised at the production value behind Vikings compared to the $2 costume reenactments on the History Channel.
  • Ragnar was the perfect example of new age Viking, wanting to explore different worlds. His nature was to not automatically accept tradition.
  • We are on opposite sides of the Athelstan and Floki debate.
  • Different personality traits in Ragnar’s sons. Bjorn has his exploratory nature, Ubbe has his open mind and heart, Hvitserk has his love for family, Sigurd snake in the eye also died (lol) and Ivar has his primitive brutality and smarts.
  • The increase in episodes from 10 to 20 from Season 4 started to compromise the pacing and overall story of the show.

Unrelated but vital points

  • Magnus’ death was one of the best parts of the series. Gets killed before greeting his glorious death!
  • Bjorn is a dick to women (but we still love him)
  • When Michael Scott left the Office, the show suffered because of it. Vikings was not the same way as the secondary characters were more fleshed out and had dimensions to them.

For Your Reference

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