Jesus Robot take the wheel! Join us as we immerse ourselves in the not so future of Upgrade from the brain child of the SAW franchise, Leigh Whannell. Naturally (or unnaturally) there’s talks about robots, manually overriding systems and always in for a good time with a Blumhouse produced film.


How far has Logan Marshall‑Green come since we saw him in 24 as Richard Heller?

Richard Heller played by Logan Marshall-Green in 24
Richard Heller

STEM, an AI chip that get’s implanted into Logan to help him gain control of his limbs after his spinal chord got fractured. We are introduced to Logan as a “man’s man”, eager to resist what society has readily embraced…technology.

It paints a picture of a society flirting with dystopianism where the privileged are so reliant on technology for everything, from driving to making pizza and at the end of the extreme spectrum a people deprived of the advancements technology has afforded the affluent.

Breakdown and Analysis

  • Is society ready for AI on STEM’s level
  • Small budget, big performances
  • Practical effects vs CGI
  • How amazing are Australian produced/directed films

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