Mind your P’s and Q’s when you come round the yard for food! Find out if the juice is worth the squeeze cause we ridin’ out IMMEDIATELY with the complete Top Boy series this week.

Themes explored:

  • Ranking Top Boy amongst the greats
  • Anime rules – storylines dont matter 
    • Lauryn kills Curits
    • Sully kills Jamie
    • What happened to Aaron
    • Shelley catching a body
    • Dushane and his heart
    • Undercover police
  • Yard/Gentrification
  • Deportation
  • Characters 
    • Married to the game (Sully) – “If man fucking buss shots at you and I know about it. It’s fucking mad. I’m ridin out immediately”
    • Wanting out of the game (Dushane) – “We ain’t gotta dream no more, man. We got real shit. Real estate we can touch.” (Stringer Bell – The Wire)
    • The new players (Jamie) – “You want it to be one way… But it’s the other way” (Marlo – The Wire)
    • Expanding story to distro etc (Lizzie & Co) – “This thing is bigger than Nino Brown. This is big business.” (Nino Brown – New Jack City)