Directors: Brenda Chapman, Steve Hickner

Writers: Philip LaZebnik, Nicholas Meyer

Stars: Val Kilmer, Ralph Fiennes, Michelle Pfeiffer

Budget: $70,000,000

Worldwide Gross: $218,613,188



Breakdown and Analysis

  • Our aim is not to be sacrilegious but we do have our views on organised religion.
  • Oti draws on his experiences as an altar boy to help inform the accuracy from the text to screen.
  • So long as we need a reason to honour our dead and need to move on, religion will always exist. So long as we need a way to control other people, religion will always be around. It’s very saddening but KT can also see how this can help personal journeys.
  • Moses acted very entitled. Akin to Anastasia carrying herself like a royal person. He was aware of his privilege and the servants available to his every whim.
  • There were a lot of cockamamee moments like when Moses spills the wine on the workers. So many people are suffering and offering their best food to the pharaoh and here Moses is spilling a luxury item for fun.
  • Personally, KT did not buy into the character development of Moses. She didn’t buy that he should be the one to lead all people.
  • When Moses gets confronted by Miriam, it’s clear that Moses has an air of privilege about him.
  • From a story point of view, the character development didn’t feel earned and didn’t make sense. It’s understandable when the Hebrew people didn’t want to cause a fuss.
  • To have slaves there is a loss of humanity. Viewing people less to have them working for and under you. There are obviously methods a normal person wouldn’t venture but Seti bravely went.
  • To get from accepted Hebrew people were slaves to fully putting all trust in Moses felt unearned.
  • Human nature is very selfish and if you’re not getting any benefits from Moses, you’re gonna start questioning.
  • Because they tried to fit so much, we just had to accept the Hebrew people trusted Moses.
  • Oti shares Moses stayed after getting married, he stayed for 40 years before returning.
  • Seti had a lot of tenderness towards Moses which made no sense. He ordered mass killing of babies yet found in his heart to genuinely love Moses.
  • KT didn’t believe that Rameses would have received Moses so warmly after disappearing for 40 years. The chip Rameses had about measuring up to his father was stronger than his love for his brother, Moses.
  • Unfortunately, any furthering of a civilization is built on the backs of slaves.
  • Christianity is linked to colonisation and this is seen around the world from South Pacific to Africa.


Unrelated but vital points

  • Oti claimed responsibility for facts and research for this review. Kindly refer feedback to him.
  • Oti was not one of the 600 religious experts consulted for the film.
  • If you were hoping for Oti & KT to go deeper into religion, look no further.
  • Can you spoil a bible story?
  • Moses did a Dave Chappelle and went to Africa.
  • We’ve all had hieroglyph fever dreams.
  • Please contact us for a first draft of Egyptian Gods by Oti Gaiman. KT will play Bilquis.
  • Oti Styles graces us with ‘The Sign of the Times’
  • The Red Blood Wedding water.