Get your hands out your pants and your ears on this tasty episode of The Inbetweeners.


Released: 2008-2010
Channel: E4
Created & Written: Damon Beesley and Iain Morris
Cast: Simon Bird, James Buckley, Joe Thomas, Blake Harrison, Greg Davies

Breakdown and Analysis

  • A new wave of British humour.
  • Simon Bird is well beloved in the For Your Reference household. He has a type of character he plays and he plays it well.
  • James Buckley is pretty much Jay. He auditioned for Neil and eventually a role was created for him. He was very couth and toward in the Stand Up to Cancer.
  • There is so much quality in British programming but that also means we are left waiting. But by God, is it worth it!
  • Will is the definition of middle management. He’s got enough power to feel like he has power but he is powerless in every other regard. His sense of self is directly related to the control, he thinks he has, in his life. He had a stringent way of doing things and he was so different to the guys. He found his identity in getting involved but Will was a psycho. We recall the guys waiting in line to get front seats for the rollercoaster. Also when he addresses Mr Gilbert as Phil. His whole energy is KT’s love language. He is usually the catalyst that gets them into their Hijinks.
  • Oti shares what it was like being a teenage boy. Even a little more about his boarding school shenanigans. He can affirm the experiences shared in this show. Self exploration is very important.
  • Simon is the most seemingly normal in the group. A control in the group. It’s always the most normal level headed people that are the most worrisome. Until you present present your ballsacks, male or female, KT does not recognise you as a thespian.
  • Simon’s dad had stories and most of them was about him and the mum fucking. It became such a normal thing for the group to hear.
  • Jay was fun to watch but not be around. He was an incessant liar. Sometimes people are just like that. We start to understand why he is the way he is. Especially through his dad. His dad was a loser but he constantly put Jay down. He brings crazy fun times but it would be too much to see him regularly.
  • Neil had the least dimension amongst the group. He was created to be good looking enough to do well but still be dumb. There is a balance in the formula of an ensemble cast. Neil punching the fish is a reference point of brutality. His encounters with Pedo Kennedy could have taken a dark turn but they kept it light. Neil was more sexually experienced than the others in the group. Finger leads to forking. Neil had a fit sister and a bent dad.
  • We do not acknowledge the Amercian Inbetweeners. The reason why it doesn’t translate is because what makes this show is that the humour is unqiuely British. KT would love to but is too old for an Aussie version. The American version of The Office seems to be the only British adaption that seems to hold up. And maybe also pointless.
  • Strong recommendation to watch the 10 year reunion of The Inbetweeners.
  • We all had a teacher like Mr Gilbert. One that doesn’t care and unapproachable. He doesn’t care about your welfare just be as quiet as possible. His character suffers similarly to Jay where he becomes more outlandish.
  • The Briton stand up comedian start kit is being a teacher. Romesh, Mo and Greg Davis.
  • Simon Bird is a fancy mini David Mitchell.
  • Carly stringed Simon along just because. It was only when Simon had someone else did she care. He gave up relationships to be with Carly. He knew Carly had a hold on him but eventually he snapped out of it. According to Oti, he was heading to Incel territory.
  • Any time got his comeuppance was delicious. And Donovan was always around to make sure of it.
  • Comedy isn’t easy to do. Trying to incite joy and sometimes confusion. The Inbetweeners thrives. There weren’t any wasted episodes. They understood the show they were making and there was no pretention. Like finding the perfect album and no track skipping.
  • Although the show is over, it will continue to live on in the For Your Reference household.

Unrelated but vital points

  • Let us all take a moment to remember Crazy Frog.
  • Using a reference you don’t understand is a cardinal sin. But absolution is most welcome in the For Your Reference household.
  • KT introduced The Inbetweeners to Oti. Virgin one, you are!
  • Two monocles equal a spectacle.
  • Oti wants his teenagers to look 50 years old. Like Mr Gilbert.
  • Boys were pulling bra straps in Australia but in Kenya that wanked in shame. The shame is an essential component to fruition. KT didn’t get her bra strap but then again hers were like first pioneer type of bras. Don’t worry about it.
  • Fish sticks.
  • Oti peaked very early. KT bloomed very late.
  • Bumder is the perfect punctation. The missing seasoning all over your dinner.
  • You couldn’t pay either of us to be teenagers again.
  • KT poses the question: Did you become who you are during school or after? Oti says after. There is so much noise and stimulation which needed to be filtered out. KT agreed. Do what needs to be done and figure herself out after.
  • Oti gives credit to Casting Directors. Using Camelot as an example of bad casting.
  • Kendrick Lamar and Anthony Fantano reference.

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