We have had a wild year of the podcast from our first interview to getting invited to screenings/access to screeners. It has always been us, we did this fam. Grab a snack and beverage for the Fourth Annual Splooshies Awards which was naturally a beautiful display of you, Oti and I loving on each other since February 2019. Malo, Asante and all the splooshes friends and lovers!!!

Thank you to everyone that has loved, supported and checked out our podcast.

Welcome & Intro compilation

Mini Splooshies

Red Carpet VIP – Rob (Smoke & Mirrors), Brent (Home Video Hustle podcast) & Sunni and Brandi (BOLP)

Awards – Firm Foundation

Red Carpet VIP – Julio (The Contrarians), Paul (FilmBusters) & Ben (FilmBusters)

Awards – Pardon the Pun

Red Carpet Guests – Lia (We are the Watchers) & Dustin (Sandman Stories Presents)

Awards – Reverse Primae Noctis

Red Carpet Guests – Leigh and Tim (Popcorn podcast)

Awards – Striking Urethras

Oti compilation

Awards – Daddywood

Interview compilation

Awards – Sploosh Mountain

End compilation