Reheat that crusty paella and uncoil your love sausage because we have open auditions for cuck fluffer, doppleganger and Terror’s fuck pig. We cover The Boys Season 2 this week.


Based on Comics by: Garth Ennis
Adapted to Television: Eric Kripke
Released: September 2020
Network: Amazon
Cast: Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Antony Starr

Breakdown and Analysis

  • Billy Butcher: A lot of the majoy storylines have Butcher at the centre. Oti was not best pleased with how selfish Butcher was at the end of Season 2. Butcher’s love was conditional and it didn’t extend to Ryan. The promise of a new life was only for him and Becca. From an emotional standpoint, it would have meant a lot if Butcher had tried to hurt Ryan with the crowbar. He has nothing left and we would love to see a Jonathan Wickenston rampage. He is very efficient and sometimes may be too pragmatic even if it is a place of love. He operates on what needs to get done. We start to see more of his back story and his dynamic with his dad. Oti compares Butcher to AJ from the Walking Dead game. KT appreciated that the dad remained awful and a full blown dickhead because it would minimalised decades of pain and trauma. We didn’t need to know what Butcher went through to know that this royally fucked him up.
  • Homelander: With every passing episodes it got weirder and Homelander was always in proximity. We see Homelander do very selfish things but start to realise there is a vulnerable side to him. A part of him that is broken and still that child that yearns for love and belonging. It will be interesting to see this new threshold for assholery. And hopefully he will leave Maeve alone.
  • Power Hiearchy: Oti believes Ryan is stronger than Homelander and Stormfront. In early volumes of the comic, The Boys were injecting Compound V. Given that Compound V is being propped as being only used for intended evil, not sure if or when this storyline will be introduced on the show. Not sure how it will be a fair fight because The Boys are human, with the exception of Kimiko. A lot of things have to align for Homelander not to kill Butcher in an instant.
  • Mother’s Milk: If the wife isn’t giving it to MM, KT has some sustenance for him. We see his character being explored and why he continues to fight against Vought. Continuing the mission of his father. It’s just who needs to know, it’s everyone that needs to know. He was given multiple opportunities to go back to his family and it had to be more than his friendship with Butcher and it was great to know more about him. MM makes a comment about how Hughie is the most important part of the team. It takes away from how solid MM, Butcher and Frenchie are individually and as a cohesive unit.
  • Frenchie: Oti points out he is learning Kimiko’s sign language so it counts as 3. Or, Trillingus as KT coins. He is a bit more accepting the team, whether it be resolving conflict or progressive ideals. Frenchie brings an anchorage to the show. He did so much for his friends but that was to the detriment of Mallory’s grandchildren. This was also the point of contention that MM had with him at the start of Season 1.
  • Kimiko: Learning why Kimiko doesn’t talk extended to our emotional pull we have to her character. Seeing how much Kenji and Kimiko cared about each other came to a literal halt when Stormfront murdered him. KT is starting to feel onerous with Kimiko having mysticism around her because she doesn’t speak. Also Karen plays Katana in Suicide Squad and doesn’t get to speak. Ben from Umbrella Academy is also another example. It is starting to feel like a trope of wise silent Asian character and KT is weary of it. It is starting to feel that Kimiko will be decidedly silent for the series and the hope is that we see more development.
  • Hughie: They keep shoving words in Hughie’s mouth and his mouth in our face. He goes beyond his comfort zone to save Starlight, even though it is well beyond his own limits. Interesting to see how his role will play now being employed under Neuman.
  • Stormfront: She’s an actual Nazi, she is called our for being a Nazi and is attacked because of that. There is a spectrum of racism and bigotry. It’s not always going to be packaged as what it is. Oti theorises her healing ability being akin to Deadpool’s baby hands. Someone doesn’t have to be on a rooftop screaming racist to be a racist.
  • Black Noir: Hope to see more fleshing out of his character.
  • Starlight: KT is coming around on her and appreciates what she brought to Season 2. Probably the most character development, through way of building on the existing character and not back story. We genuinely believe she loves Hughie but what that means in regards to future choices, will be something we look forward to. Where her allegiences lie now that she is headed back over to The Seven.
  • Queen Maeve: She deserves more than Elena. If she really loved Maeve, she shouldn’t have guilted her to feel bad for her actions under duress.
  • KT wonders if Compound V has similar chemical makeup but like perfume it smells different on other people.
  • Season 2 was built upon the foundation of Homelander’s insecurities.
  • The Boys Season 20: Ryan fights back.
  • The Boys Season 20: 5 episode arc of just Black Noir and Kimiko only.

Unrelated but vital points

  • Oti makes a My Hero Academia reference. Surprise to no one.
  • Referencing C note from Prison Break is more offensive than referencing Twilight.
  • KT is like Jon Hamm and Alec Baldwin in 30 Rock and using the word irony however she likes.
  • Until you get off the carousel of feelings, you will continue to put yourself on the line.
  • Please contact us for Intimacy Coach bookings.
  • Oti shares what we get up to. KT will tell you for a price.
  • KT makes a possibly confusing but tantalising reference to Dutch in the Shield.
  • Oti is a man of few words but he using those words and that mouth in the most delicious of ways.
  • KT is going to learn enough about editing to catch sound clips for Oti’s day of comeuppance.

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