Put on your big boy pants and grab a tall glass of your mother’s milk as we talk about The Boys this week. Quid Pro Mo from Some Kind of Brown podcast, check out our episode where we get more personal.


Released: July 2019
Network: Amazon Prime

Breakdown and Analysis

  • The series was nowhere near as vulgar or gratuitous as the comic and I feel the show suffers from that as it means it blends in with the same films it antagonises.
  • We have read 1 and half issues of this comic, therefore everything we discuss is internationally recognised in the For Your Reference Academia
  • Billy Butcher is a bloody great character! Oti started to fall out of love when he has tunnel vision to the detriment of his team. KT could still relate to the human inside of him. He is hurting, not justified but understandable.
  • Hughie in the comics was unsure of himself but he wasn’t incessantly whiny.
  • The first half of the series is so onerous because it focuses on Hughie’s internal struggle of going back and forth between accepting the world that has been set out and the role he is destined to play. Once we start fleshing out other character’s development the show gets way more interesting!
  • Homelander is so deliciously evil it is a blessing to the eyes to watch! He seems to have zero empathy which is revealed halfway through the series and we realise why at the end of the series. Shout out to Antony Starr on playing this role so brilliantly. Also I think he is the first person that when he is blonde it makes him look more evil lol Also Also Oti didn’t realise he is the main guy from Banshee.
  • People kept talking about this showing being full of male nudity. We saw one dick. Settle down guys. Go and watch HBO show Oz and then we’ll talk. I’m waiting.
  • Queen Maeve is a forgettable character. That’s all.
  • A Train is a grade A asshole. Still don’t know how to fathom how if he genuinely loved Popclaw how was he able to kill her? Yes he was addicted but I think it also includes his pride and sense of self.
  • Translucent is kind of a nothing character that serves as a plot device to move the introductory plot along. Don’t know much about Alien guy but reckon he’d be cooler.

Unrelated but vital points

  • You should definitely check out the comic con panel of The Boys being hosted by the ever Eternal Aisha Tyler.
  • Aisha Tyler is KT’s lady love. Oti is jealous.
  • My eternal flame for my other lady love Lucy Lawless comes up (naturally) because Karl Urban was on Xena. Do we need more reason to love this guy? At least it balances out his terrible accent.
  • KT is adding Karl Urban to the place in her heart chambers that stores actors that play degenerate alcoholics that feed into their own self interest. Others include Ian McShane (duh!) and Dominic West!
  • It’s annoying when a narrative spends so much time with the protagonist trying to be convinced of the world say for example Time Travel and further accepting the key role they will be playing. How nice would it be to have a more succinct narrative. But what does KT know right?

For Your Reference

Our suggestions on what you should watch in supplement of this TV show.

Oti’s pick

[imdb style=”gray”]tt2017109[/imdb]

KT’s picks

[imdb style=”gray”]tt0460681[/imdb][imdb style=”gray”]tt0118421[/imdb]