Dust off your cloaks and sharpen your daggers as we surround our favourite Daddy in Succession. L to the Oti, KT is the OG. We are spilling all our fluids over this episode, just like Rome.


First aired: 2018
Network: HBO
Creator: Jesse Armstrong

Breakdown and Analysis

  • Succession is discovering a new sex position. Rinse and repeat my loves.
  • Hold onto your Daddywood genitals because Langrishe gives the performance of his career.
  • For a show that is steeped in experience and drama and tragedy it’s crazy that it only started in 2018.
  • We gravitate towards characters. With this show, we didn’t like anyone but the show enthralled and captivated us.
  • So many moving cards. So many moving parts.
  • Casting is perfect. Would not change a thing.
  • All that’s missing is wearing old timey robes and being set in an older time. The classic tragic elements that you would come to expect, family members stabbing each other in nasty places.
  • Everything flows into Logan. It was interesting to see this strategic chess game unfold. Any sort of dimension you see form characters is how they have benefited from Logan. He built this empire by himself.
  • Never has KT wanted to know the childhood of characters until this show. Rome in particular. And let’s not forget Connor. To see from their frame of reference how they became the adults we are presented with would be fascinating.
  • Marcia’s words to Shiv resonate through the series, because Logan gave them a playground they thought they owned the world.
  • Oti kept changing which characters he loved and supported. His big ol balls is why his pendulum swings so damn much.
  • A lot of Shiv’s shortcomings have to do with her experience of being rich. She is a shitty person but she doesn’t know any better.
  • The higher you go in the corporate ladder, the dodgier the people are. Nepotism is rife.
  • A lot of the actions of the children is having toddler tantrums on a bigger scale. Daddy didn’t give me what I wanted so I went next door. Daddy didn’t give me what I want so I went to the politicians. It was as if they were stunted emotionally. Forever seeking Logan’s approval. Yes they have tens and hundreds of millions, it is just to get Logan’s attention.
  • They all want to suckle at Daddy’s titties – Ancient Kenyan proverb. Which may or may not contribute to our new sex position.
  • For a long time it felt as if this show was Ken’s rise to eminence. He seemed the most put together. At least at the first. Kendall walked into a room like he just pissed his pants. He was always fucking tentative.
  • It you are going to be conniving, have some conviction please.  
  • No sober person would have performed L to the OG.
  • To accept money is to allow control over your life. And this is evident through the series.
  • You need to have some struggles in life to appreciate wealth. Oti has a golden rule for super rich kids to be sent to an island where they aren’t aware of their privilege.
  • A delicious moment was Greg decided whether he should go with essentially guaranteed inheritance with Ewan or stick with Logan. Tom and Connor make a comment about $5mil being dead money. Not enough to live off but too much to motivate you to work.
  • Rome’s Oedipus tendencies were not built in a day. He knew by nepotism, he moved up in the company. He made tough decisions as COO. The household is divided on whether Rome has what it takes to fill the shoes for Logan. He was making contacts and getting clients.

Unrelated but vital points

  • KT wouldn’t even fuck Shiv with Rome’s dick.
  • Oti is predictable and KT knows his next move.
  • KT was hoping for a titty or two. Perhaps rich people don’t have sex.
  • Let us know if you are interested in our HBO pitch for Kieran Cocklin.
  • The FYR foundation is still recovering from Oti antagonising KT with #FakeDarcy. KT will take no slices, thank you.
  • We enjoy telling each other to Fuck off lol
  • If KT was old man Logan she would be disappointed that those were her kids.
  • There’s a lot of things that happen in this show that we just can’t relate to because we are not mega rich. Sorry Oti.
  • Let us know when you’re ready to talk openly about religion.
  • Will Smith and Jada, their come up was on their own bootstraps. To start off at a platform of wealth, it doesn’t translate.
  • Robot Jesus is always listening. KT spills her seed every day to the listening devices in the FYR household.

For Your Reference

Oti’s pick

[imdb style=”gray”]tt0384766[/imdb]

KT’s pick

[imdb style=”gray”]tt6611916[/imdb]