Keep an eye on your faithful crew and be weary of handsy real estate agents as we cover Snowfall.


Director & Creator: John Singleton
Co-creators: Dave Andron, Eric Amadio
Cast: Damson Idris, Michael Hyatt, Amin Joseph

Breakdown and Analysis

  • It was interesting to watch Snowfall as a creative entity and also the setting right before the crack cocaine epidemic. The philosophical inner conflict of amassing wealth but is this the best for my community?
  • We get to see the storyline through Franklin. He was supposed to go to college and we follow him through his struggles and how he can make a better life. Jerome didn’t want Franklin anyone near that. According to Oti, this is the story of Franklin breaking bad.
  • There are some people in proximity in your life that you know is destined more than a normal life. Comparisons were made between Franklin and The Wire’s Stringer Bell. KT disagrees because Franklin is very level headed. When he does lose his cool, you fucking listen.
  • Franklin was so enterprising. He saw it as a product he could sell. He saw it as something to build on. He is always finding ways to enterprise his business. He doesn’t have the vibrado where he needs to visibly be the smartest person in the room. What we have with Franklin are fragmented flaws. One of the best protagonists. It’s not that there aren’t obstacles in front of him but he is able to pivot, he is able to anticipate and he is able to chess game the fuck out of everyone. And isn’t that the textbook definition of the best protagonist in history?
  • Leon and Kevin were very different. Franklin saw the bigger picture. There has to be an exit strategy and Franklin was working towards that. They were similar in that they had a stack of cash and probably would be happy to do the same things at 50.
  • Leon has his vices but he is able to follow orders and can be reasoned to.
  • Kevin was the Kelly in the Destiny Child. He didn’t like the idea of not being seen as strong. He was ready to kill in broad daylight with children around. He didn’t think Franklin was doing enough. Kevin was the catalyst for Franklin being set in his purpose to enterprise. Leon understands that Kevin was out of line but it wasn’t right.
  • We see Franklin is given an ultimatum. Throughout the series, Franklin will make decisions very methodically and logically but he came at a crossroads. To safeguard his livelihood or protect his friend. This was a big moral conundrum for Franklin. This is what made him cross the line of his commitment to his goals.
  • There are no fillers in Snowfall. Each season has succinct stories through it’s 20 episodes.
  • Leon has full character development. He was very tentative about beating people up but would always be loyal to Franklin. He has really come to his own and it is a delight to reflect back on his journey. There is emotional payoff and there is snow-fucking-fall emotional payoff.
  • Jerome is super solid and very likeable. When Franklin decided to break bad, Jerome was right there with him. Franklin quickly surpasses Jerome. It was sad to see Jerome grapple with that actuality. He felt a bit threatened by that. Franklin has the ability to scale. He was a man’s man, he was the go to guy. He was used to being on top and to have Franklin come along, it got to a point of realisation. He was starting to see the cogs and chess pieces come into play.
  • What we witness in Snowfall are well rounded, wholly fulfilled characters.
  • Louie assumes the role of plot point in this series. She is always conveniently in the background of major storylines.
  • Jerome is the guy in Boyz II Men in the Bended Knee song.
  • Claudia had a power complex about her. She knew Louie needed her and it wasn’t much different to her dynamic with Jerome. Louie definitely gravitated to powerful life companions that took advantage of her.
  • In life you always need that one person you can call. And Louie was that for Franklin. Not just for connections and resources but also for emotional needs. She was everything Franklin needed.
  • Life got in the way of Alton. Oti saw him as someone that society failed. He was a stand up guy until he was deployed. However for KT, no one can fuck you up more than your parents. We cannot neglect how Franklin is feeling in lieu of what Alton has suffered. This story is about Franklin and Alton fucked him up. It is not fair for a parent to fuck you up and second of all, it is not fair for a parent to decide when they want to come back into your life. Also as a further extension with a third point, it is not fair to completely pretend the pain and hurt through Franklin’s most formative years didn’t happen.
  • What kid that gets neglected is gonna think oh yeah my dad is going through a hard time? No, they just feel the scars of the remnants of a father that wasn’t there.
  • Seeing through Franklin’s eyes wasn’t enough. This is where Teddy comes in. It was fucked up the way Teddy sacrificed his brother.

Unrelated but vital points

  • Otidemic is the best kind of demics
  • Damson Idris is in KT’s trophy case of Stans. He is fucking quality!
  • Amin Joseph is in Awkward Black Girl. You are welcome.
  • KT loves to reference You Got Served.
  • Oti is the Edgelord but when it comes to spoilers, it is all splooshes blazing!
  • “With great power comes a million people from your back trying to get the title from you” Oti Proverb
  • Please contact us if you would like to see a jerry curled Oti. Do not worry about KT’s pron searches for jerry curl
  • Oti finds another moment to trash Tasha from Power.
  • Red Hot Chilli peppers reference.
  • “A pat on the back and a stroke on the neck” another Oti proverb
  • Oti is the Kevin Jonas of the For Your Reference household.
  • Stank don’t stink.

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