Pour a glass of the finest tres comas, gather all the exotic animals and meet us in the board room. First agenda item: dick to floor ratio. We are covering Silicon Valley this week.


Released: 2014
Network: HBO
Creator: John Altschuler, Mike Judge, Dave Krinsky
Cast: Thomas Middleditch, T.J. Miller, Josh Brener, Zach Woods, Martin Starr, Kumail Nanjiani, Christopher Diamantopoulos

Breakdown and Analysis

  • Super strong series. One of the shows you watch and cannot wait til you get in the office to talk about it. It hits all the marks that it needs to hit. This show was made for the nerds and to hit you on levels that only your mama can hit ya.
  • Oti would power trip if he was CEO just like Dinesh.
  • Just like Monica doesn’t care about other women, so we do not care for tech research surrounding this show.
  • Richard progressively becomes more insufferable. This is credited to his lack of character development. It was frustrating because he would make decisions without consulting anyone and it would impact everyone around him. We started to see how this would crumble when Pied Piper reached it’s peak in success. He was a nervous ball of energy. To be so specialised and skilled, his social and business acumen fell to the wayside. He couldn’t accept that perhaps he wasn’t the best person to be in the boardroom. It’s great that secondary characters are bolstered in intrigue to keep us going with this show. Richard wasn’t badly written, he just got in his own way. The way he mistreated Jared denoted to his character especially as he felt he didn’t need him anymore.
  • Guilfoyle and Dinesh made the show. You could do this show with Erlich but not these two. It is very sibling-esque but also very coworker-esque. People you don’t mind, if you have to, spend time within work hours but not beyond it. Nothing ever works out for Dinesh. He pulled out of his cousin’s venture and he is stuck with Pied Piper. Dinesh gives off major middle child vibes. Always vying for attention and seeking praise. Dinesh also had a relationship and ended it by calling the FBI. Everyone loves a Pakistani Denzel.
  • With Gavin Belson did not grow as a character but we were all most welcome when he appeared on the screen. There are smart things he would do but it was also to feed his self interests. We see this with his Tethics arc. At the end of the day, he delivers. As long as characters acknowledge they are shitty, KT is ready for a good time.
  • Jared is super loyal to Richard. He left Hooli to help build Richard but later in the series this changes. He had a strength in cultivating and also growing the business. Even though Project Manager is a wanky title, Jared was very effective. He doesn’t really thrive in stable work environments. Gwart reminded him of Richard. There are some people that are good for maintaining the stability of the business but Jared’s strengths was in business development. A lot of the lines were Zach improvising that informed his storylines. KT was disappointed in the fleshing out of Jared’s character. It turned into a really dark, complex subject matter and they didn’t give it the room, nor was it the show to explore this. To find out that he was put up for adoption for the ‘aesthetics’ is very sad. What was the point of that? They are adding more baggage to a character that was carrying a heavy load relative to the rest of the group. Especially because it didn’t inform anything. All you can draw from this is Jared’s ability to nurture people into a point of stability and succession. KT felt like that helped her understand how his skills are bolstered in his experiences. It’s nice to have a meaty conversation but it also didn’t get explored. Like a random stranger telling their life story to you?
  • Monica fought so hard to get where she landed. She was a big part of Pied Piper. She was very ambitious, like a shark. She took risks, alluding to success in the industry. She invested in Richard and had to clean up a lot of their messes. Pied Piper could not have been what it was at the end of the series without Monica. There are super skilled people but in order to live the business world and play with the big boys, you need to stroke their game. She got Richard in with Laurie. It wasn’t until the show reflected on the lack of women in the show did we notice. She was threatened by Priyanka’s efforts. Her dynamic with Guilfoyle was also a delight to watch.
  • Big Head wasn’t malicious and he wasn’t hurting anyone. It was cute at the end of the series that perhaps his nickname was because of his last name.
  • Erlich was technical enough to exist in the Silicon Valley world but was nowhere near as proficient. So he became a lens for us, when he was in the scene it would be explained to him. It made more sense as he exited, Monica became our lens into the world. It’s also nice to have subject matter explained. Erlich was always looking for the next big thing and latch onto it. He always felt like he needed to measure himself to the success around him.

Unrelated but vital points

  • Be ready to fight us if you correct us.
  • Oti goes around hugging strangers on the bus.
  • KT is not one to get in the way of wasted erections.
  • KT, the queen of segways.
  • You don’t have to quit your job to get on the emoji movie.
  • Kumail, the Marvel Daddy.KT’s fat ass is getting cake every month, whether the office supplies it or not.

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