We kick off 2024 with a spicy Reference Max reviewing Saltburn, Dream Scenario, Cat Person, Platform 7 and Smothered.

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In this episode, the hosts review various shows and films, including ‘Smothered,’ ‘Dream Scenario,’ ‘Cat Person,’ ‘Platform Seven,’ and ‘Saltburn.’ They discuss the themes, performances, and overall impressions of each work. While some received positive reviews for their storytelling and character development, others fell short in terms of narrative coherence and emotional impact. The hosts also touch on topics such as classism, gender divide, and the portrayal of heavy themes in media.


00:00 Introduction and Welcome

02:37 Reviewing the Show ‘Smothered’

07:41 Reviewing the Film ‘Dream Scenario’

18:48 Reviewing the Film ‘Cat Person’

27:04 Reviewing the Show ‘Platform Seven’

36:13Reviewing the Film ‘Saltburn’