Make sense of seeming coincidences with lovable friends you made along the way. On your bike with the Riders of Justice this week.


Written & Directed By: Anders Thomas Jensen

Released: November 2020

Budget: $6,400,000

Worldwide Gross: $7,957,296

Breakdown and Analysis

  • The film did change tonally but was cohesively delivered. KT compares the tones to a brilliant Korean drama being that there are some heavy moments but also characters that provide levity. Oti contrasts how the moments of levity are offered through decades of trauma the characters have processed.
  • We have the full breadth of human emotion because it was successfully translated in this film.
  • If a protagonist in a film doesn’t have the depth of character development we experience in Markus, we don’t want it.
  • We highlight the sad reality of veterans not being treated with the respect they deserve globally.
  • We both immediately bought into the world and the motivations of the characters. KT did not need to immediately know why Otto was so methodical to buy that he was very pedantic about seemingly minor details.
  • KT appreciated how pragmatic Markus was. Especially when he comforted Mathilde while sad, there’s no explanation on why the mother was killed. We both give graces and would not want to take belief away from people that take comfort in it. Markus loves Mathilde but he was loving within the capacity he had to love himself. You can love someone with the passion of a thousand suns but if you don’t love yourself, it will not be expounded to the whole amount.
  • There were deliberately missed opportunities that Markus did not take because he was not ready. If someone isn’t ready to change, the whole process is never going to work. Markus was not receptive to it.
  • Markus found solace in what made sense. Facts. He bought into the plan because it made sense. There were too many coincidences for it not to be true so he was on board. Unfortunately he gets to breaking point when it is revealed they had the wrong guy. It got to the point that his loved ones were trying to prevent but it was a moment of catharsis for him. There was the loss of his wife, making sense of the grief of Mathilde and so much Markus was channeling through his revenge.
  • Even if you have similar experiences, stop trying to force people to heal especially when they aren’t ready. There was a tender moment between Lennart and Emmenthaler nonchalantly sharing Otto’s tragic past. That sense of regret that Otto felt that he didn’t want Markus to feel.The pain we are trying to heal from, we shouldn’t try to heal it in others. There’s no timeline on healing.
  • Mathilde has been struggling over the absence of Markus. When we are young, we don’t necessarily understand the theoretical discussions about actual experiences of real people. KT did not care for how Sirius was treating Markus like a guinea pig. Oti believes the kids played a part in the push Markus needed.
  • Lennart projected very quickly and it got sad very quickly. We discuss the contrast between Lennart and Bodashka.
  • KT coins Otto, Emmenthaler & Lennart the trinity of friendship. Each had their specialisation and eccentricities.

Unrelated but vital points

  • Markus is only behind Christiano Ronaldo for hate towards Coca Cola.
  • We make The Office US references because we also appeal to mainstream nerds.
  • KT is asking for the Markus Car Supercut.
  • After 46 weeks of funding, there needs to be more than confirming a theory. It needs to be more of the scale of ground breaking discovery.
  • We want to be anyone other than Jon Snow so we are aware of pending dangers.