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Director: Philippe Caland
Writer: Philippe Caland, Shintaro Shimosawa
Cast: Anthony Mackie, Forest Whitaker, Sanaa Lathan
Released: January 2013
Budget: $5,000,000
Worldwide Gross: $1,194,961

Breakdown and Analysis

  • Oti wanted it to be better but also had some enjoyable moments.
  • We discussed the twists and Oti enjoyed the post car crash scene. Ben carrying Angel’s mother was humorous to Oti.
  • The presenting layer actually becomes the opposite. Tommy presents as a virtuous person and comes to find he is anything but. PSA: If you are building your own philosophy, don’t leverage existing ancient texts. Contrastingly, we are introduced as Ben being the useless brother and learn he is the good guy after all.
  • We learn more about Tommy and with his secret it becomes more unsettling. First instance being Tommy choking a cat and watching the lights go out. Tommy steals Maggie away from Ben. Leading us to the crescendo of the film.
  • Tommy was playing as if he didn’t know what transpired after the crash but, perhaps a fault in writing, he was aware the whole time and complicit. It benefited from the actions of filthy hands.
  • Oti notes how sentiments of mercy in the bible were ignored. KT retorts if you are highlighting contradictions in scripture, you are ‘religioning’ wrong.
  • KT shares her frustration with Tommy taking too long to accept his situation. Oti gives graces despite seeing Tommy being tied up and wrapped in plastic.
  • We establish where our allegiances lie in regards to morality. Oti resonated with Tommy while KT was on Angel’s side.
  • Tommy built a brand around a life he did not live himself knowing he was complicit in the death of someone. KT feels on this basis Angel was justified in his actions.
  • Oti is not impressed with the flaw in writing of Angel becoming obsessed with Tommy’s book and not realising until he saw the poster.
  • We scoff at the incredulousness of the kid escaping the locked room from the ghost of the grandma. It was fine if there were supernatural elements but that was the only instance so it felt cheap.
  • Oti believes Forest thrives in over the top roles and doesn’t do as well in a role that requires restraint.
  • Sophie was a solid character and although didn’t have a lot of screen time it was most welcome.
  • We glorify in the ‘fuck your money’ by Ben. Tommy wasn’t doing the work he needed to do and answered it with money. When your hands are in someone else’s pockets, you are not independent.
  • The use of religion was very interesting in this film. Tommy was pulling wiki quotes and KT was not surprised when he started appealing to the Christian crowd. She also didn’t appreciate taking advantage of susceptible people with his philosophies.
  • The jury is still out on KT being able to decipher if the nervous energy is for Angel’s character or it was just Forest.

Unrelated but vital points

  • We contest genre tags as this film was noted as a Horror.
  • Can you dissociate a comedian when they enter into dramatic roles? Oti could not take Mike Epps seriously in this film and KT could not take Marlon seriously in On The Rocks.
  • We are looking forward to the TV show Atlanta coming back.
  • KT believes like people waking up and choosing violence, some wake up and choose messiness. For the millions and millions of people in your proximity, it is a choice to go for your brother’s girl.
  • KT has 360/270 greyhound vision of character motivations.
  • We have a Forest corner and Oti shares Last King of Scotland being his favourite film. We are due a rewatch. Some more tasty morsels to look forward to friends and lovers!
  • Sometimes it pays to be the ugly sister.
  • We have a new podcast idea: Forest Whitaker: Potency and Virility