Welcome to our Reference Degustation where we take you through a six course menu of foot long quippy Tarantino debauchery. Second course: Pulp Fiction.

Roll the intro credits to a timely spiritual awakening, diner boogie and gimp related injuries. Take a bite out of the Big Kahuna of Pulp Fiction this week.


Director: Quentin Jerome Tarantino
Writer: Quentin Jerome Tarantino, Roger Avary
Released: November 1994
Budget: $8,000,000
Worldwide Gross: $213,928,762
Actors: Tim Roth, Uma Thurman, John Travolta, Samuel L Jackson, Bruce Willis, Ving Rhames

Breakdown and Analysis

  • Pulp Fiction was introduced by KT in the For Your Reference household. Oti enjoyed the first watch but found himself liking it more this time around.
  • We reflect that this film offered more chances for us to resonate with characters like Vince and Jules as opposed to Mr Blonde and the gang. Oti observes how each character finds themselves at a crossroads and needing to make a decision and leads to their resolutions.
  • Pulp Fiction upped to ante in Tarantinoisms we’ve come to know and love. He is comfortable and doubled down in his stylistic choices and storytelling.
  • KT didn’t expect to get character development in this film so was able to engage while Oti argues that we do experience more dimension than expected in this film.
  • Thematically OUATIH is similar but the difference is Pulp Fiction had a vibrancy and didn’t take itself seriously. Oti coins chaotic charm.
  • Samuel L Jackson is to Pulp Fiction what Rosie Perez is to White Men Can’t Jump.

General Questions

What are your views on QT’s approach to violence? < JAMIE
There was more violence in this film but it did lean more on the funny side. The violence worked more in Pulp Fiction as it was more justified in that it suited the world that was set. Oti didn’t feel like it worked the first time but it absolutely worked this time around. The approach is effective as Reservoir Dogs was more a side wagon to real life where cause and effect reflect the real world. The world building in Pulp Fiction informs that the rules bend to the world and this extends to the violence.

QT-verse theory (films within films) < ROB
Vega connection. Fox Force Five.

Is QT the best contemporary director to match visuals & music? < JAMIE
Oti loves how the visuals and music elevated the experience in it’s cohesion. It heightened the emotions, played to the comedic charm and made it not feel too serious and lightened the mood. Texturally there were more layers to this film. KT references the scene when Butch is conflicted about whether he helps Marcellus or escapes, the music is simmering and there is a lead up to saving Marcellus. Tarantino is the best to match visuals and music to inform tonality.

Direction/Stylistic Choices

At what point does QT’s stylised, hyper-aware of itself dialogue become a hindrance to the film rather than part of the magic/charm? < BEN
Oti does not believe there was any unnecessary twattery. All dialogue worked seamlessly. Overall as a script it worked. KT disagreed slightly and referenced the Walken bumder watch scene to which Oti agrees.

Rewriting history < JULIO
KT goes out on a stretch to say Pulp Fiction was rewriting Oti’s history.

California/Hollywood/Film/Genre, he’s a slave to pulp and grind house styles which shows in his sound FX and camera movement. < ROB
KT takes the easy option and agrees with Rob. Even if you decide not to care about the characters, you can ignore the world and sink in for the film.

Pop Culture References < JULIO
Jules on his Kung Fu adventure. Oti reflects warmly on it and how much it was a part of his childhood. KT assumed there were 2 Marilyn Monroes. Ofcourse the diner covers pop culture. McDonalds. Metric system.


Feeeeeeeeeeeeet < JULIO BRENT
Mia Wallace throughout. We muse that Uma Thurman’s feet equals 100 mediocre people’s feet. Oti mentions that the driving force of the film was the rumour of Marcellus pushing a guy out the window for massaging Mia’s feet.

The reluctant hero < ROB
We agree that this is Jules. He was very useful and decided to be very not useful at a pivotal time. It was an inconvenient time to have a spiritual awakening. For Jules to become a reborn man would be like if Denzel’s Alonzo in Training Day became a reborn man. It changes the whole dynamic of the film. Oti also puts forth Butch and makes clear he would not help.

Casting old favourites and reviving their careers < JULIO
Harvy Kietel. Christopher Walken. KT can’t decide whether she feels more bad for Christopher Walken in Hairspray or Pulp Fiction. Oti is still trying to figure out the default appeal of him.

Racism/N word

Everytime I show one of his movies to someone that hasn’t seen them I always wait for the moment he or someone else drops that N word to see how they react. < BRENT
Are QT race related quips justified in this film? < PAUL
Racial slurs < JULIO

Taratino is the best part because he created it but he is also the worst because of his unnecessary dialogue with the N word. The quips are not justified though Oti argues the usage in the store with the confederate flag makes sense. It was authentically racist. KT asks Oti if casting black characters softened the blow of white characters using the N word. Oti believes it made it worse because it felt out of place.

Why does QT insist on including himself (usually as a racist) when he can’t act? < BEN
Oti believes that Tarantino thinks he can act. He grew in confidence and sniffed his smug George Clooney farts.

Unrelated but vital points

  • KT still has not recovered from Ving Rhames squats in Baby Boy.
  • Reference to Airplane and our episode.
  • We learn Lucy Liu is Oti’s number one.
  • Nothing makes white people hornier than Japanese swords.
  • Reservation Dogs reference.
  • Belly reference.
  • Key & Peele reference.
  • We cannot guarantee the quality but his short lived directorial debut will be distinct.
  • The unexplainable can be explained even if it’s unbelievable.Please contribute to our FYR dictionary as approved by Oti on gofundme.We are officially working on registering patent for Tarantino branded vibrating toes and used socks. Oti will head up the Feet NFT department.