We hope you’re hydrated because this week we are travelling into the  non linear timeline of Predestination with our pal Thomas from the History of Aotearoa podcast. Please make sure you have seen this film because it is too delicious for us to ruin it for you.


Released: August 2014
Budget: Part of 3 films funded by Screen Australia to the amount of $5mil
Box Office: $4,800,000

Breakdown and Analysis

  • Accolades to Kevin Bacon for being reliable in his film choices.
  • Predestination is the most perfect example of how to execute a Sci Fi/time travel movie.
  • I’m my own grandpa. Watching this a second time, really hones in on it’s own significance.
  • There were people that had qualm with Jane not realising until she got pregnant about her reproductive organds.
  • 13 Sept 1945, Jane was born and left at an orphange.
  • As a prepubescent, she realised she had different organs when she saw the Orphanage Manager having sex.
  • As an adult, she enters into Space Corp. Unfortunately she is not able to continue the program.
  • She goes to charm school, where she bumps into a charming fellow (who we later discover is John).
  • They enter a relationship and Jane falls pregnant. The man walks out of her life.
  • Up until this point she had not visited a doctor. She has the baby but then discovered she needs to have surgery.
  • Two weeks after giving birth, the baby gets kidnapped. She has the surgery.
  • We are then introduced to John. Mr Robertson approaches John again to become a field agent.
  • John is carrying out a mission to diffuse a bomb. Someone comes along and John gets burned.
  • Upon cosmetic surgery and recovery, he is told you won’t be able to recognise yourself. He even says even my own mum won’t recognise me.
  • This is where we are introduced to Ethan Hawke as John.
  • Nov 1970, Ethan Hawke meets John for the first time.
  • 1975, Ethan Hawke goes through the evidence and sees a shadowy figure in the laundromat. He confronts an old Ethan Hawke.
  • Bomber Hawke is confronting present Hawke and they have an interesting exchange. Bomber Hawke was on a personal crusade to prevent major events in history but wilfully killing a few.
  • The Ethan Hawke we have been following in the film has a choice, will he continue the cycle or break it?
  • If you shoot me, you’ll become me. You have to learn to love me again.
  • If I could bring the man in front of you, what would you do?
  • Somewhere along the line, current Hawke’s ideals became the Bomber Hawke.
  • No matter what you do in this life, God has already determined where you will go after this life.
  • Snake that eats it’s own tail.
  • You know who she is. You know who are you. Understand who I am. I love her too.
  • The person that is the shady character that drops and kidnaps the baby is Ethan Hawke. Who is also the baby. Who is also Jane and John’s Sarah Snook.
  • Fizzle Bomber is a product of the Bureau. It’s the reason why the Bureau exists. In events that permeated through events in the film.
  • Side effects of time travelling include psychosis and dementia. KT felt like Mr Robertson was just saying that to plant the seed that John was the problem not the Bureau.
  • Maybe the seed has already been planted in that Ethan Hawke did not notify that his kit did not decomssion.
  • Yes this is a time travel film, but that isn’t the premise of the film. The context and the background is time travel. It is narrative driven. If it had just focused on time travel we would not have had enough time to develop all of the delightful payoffs.
  • The best way to listen to this episode is right after watching the film.
  • We were ruined in all the best ways!
  • We all agree that there were other timelines where Ethan Hawke did attempt to break the cycle. But never successfully.

Unrelated and vital points

  • Arrival is a terrible film. In order to slander it succinctly, we had to spoil this. You don’t need to watch. Majoy foundation qualm with Arrival is they threw all these storylines in the air and it was all tied in with a melancholic ‘Time is non linear’.
  • We also use Batman vs Superman as an example of the worst Ex Machina. Arrival is much worse than this.
  • Podcast turned into our support group for coping with terribly written films.
  • This week was dedicated to the endless dopplegangers. Ethan Hawke and Kevin Bacon. Tom Hardy and Logan Marshall Greene. Jeremy Renner and Nathan Fillion.
  • A twist should be a nice ‘thank you for watching’ but shouldn’t be the foundational impression I have.
  • Don’t give a twist to me because you are withholding information.
  • Oti likes being lead. Yeah he does.
  • We also talk a bit about it’s 7.4 rating and how we believe it deserves a higher rating. Sci Fi is rated similarly to horror movies, it can be rated 6 and still worth a watch.
  • Sometimes the best boners are a surprise.
  • Thomas is qualified and brings some substance to our podcast.
  • If you did not enjoy this film, please do not visit our Twitter mentions.

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