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Released: 2014
Network: Starz
Creator: Courtney A Kemp
Executive Producer: Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson

Breakdown and Analysis

  • There aren’t many shows we have been watching on a week to week basis that is enthralling and contributes to the overall narrative.
  • Power has really strong storytelling that many people can relate to.
  • First off, fuck your Ghost and the clique you claim.
  • You can put glasses on the man but he is still 50 cent.
  • There were many comparisons between Power and Empire. You start to see which show stood the test of time. Power, ofcourse.
  • The family is primary and all other elements are secondary. It isn’t all about nudity and vulgarity. For those that ask why nudity is necessary, to this KT retorts, do you ever get naked? Omari’s ass is worth mentioning but not enough to try and kiss Beyonce.
  • Lay out our accolades for Courtney. She has substantial commercial experience in the entertainment. Usually when you have a personal story with genuine context, KT isn’t expecting good writing. Good time with meaningful relationships between characters. Not expecting the depth and cohesion in regards to the narrative. She knows the show and she wrote it for a reason. Shows that mind their own business and are solid.
  • In Season 6 in particular, Courtney shares how Ghost’s character is influenced by Richard III. He killed all these people and all these people come to kill him. She also refers to Ghost as a reverse Midas. Everything he touches turns to ash.
  • All of the main cast had to sign nudity clauses.
  • You can enjoy this show on surface. For people that want to dive beneath the surface, there are layers to unpack here.
  • Ghost is at the epicentre of this show. All interconnectedness is drawn from his character. 50 cent is the inspiration for his character.
  • Ghost is trying hard to supress the carnal wishes of the inner beast in him. With one foot in the game and one in his future, he had to strike a balance.
  • Omari Hardwick fills out a suit quite delightfully.
  • Many times watching the series, KT wished he was a ghost and would go away.
  • It’s interesting, and preferable to have an imperfect protagonist as it builds to the full character development. What becomes insufferable are characters that aren’t self aware enough to address their shortcomings.
  • Ghost wanted to start a new chapter without acknowledging the path of destruction he left behind.
  • Tasha is the unsung hero and KT will fight all that say otherwise. It is not easy to be the ride or die. She was down for that life. So was Ghost until he wanted to become legit. He didn’t take Tasha along on that journey. He discarded his whole family and all responsibilities to start a new life.
  • Whether it is legit or not, you can get played. And that is what happened to Ghost.
  • We talk comparisons between Tasha and Cookie from Empire. The appeal to Cookie is she had her own resources to take control and not let Lucius leave her out.
  • Ghost was driven by logic and Tommy was driven by love.
  • Holly was that once in a lifetime sort of love. The demise between Holly and Tommy was him prioritising Ghost over her.
  • Ghost has to be the most petty character in history. Especially toward people that ride for him. He had a superiority complex that is not proportionate to his geuinune nature. Because he was self serving and there was nothing genuine about him.
  • Tommy was resonate in being number 2 but had to propel himself to be number 1 because of Ghost’s shift change. He has no desire be more than the streets or to succeed Ghost. He was loyal to his own detriment.
  • Ghost is that person in your life that is your friend but also doesn’t want you to be more successful than you are.
  • Kolby relates to the love between Ghost and Angela.
  • Some of the best moments is the brotherhood between Tommy and Ghost. The sort of relationship and bond between the two was something we were missing in recent seasons. The relationship transcends friendship. They are family.
  • There were a lot of moving parts and players being played. All the good people died in this show.
  • Tasha is street smart, she loves her kids and has a degree in accounting.
  • All throughout the series, Ghost was willing to bear the burden but drops it all at the prospect of a new life with Ramona. If you are a father, would you let Tariq go to jail or would you bear this responsibility? Would you as Ghost, retract your promise to your son?
  • Tariq’s willingness to work with Tommy and Ghost knowing this created a shift in their dynamic. Ghost might have taken the responsibility if the innocence was still there.
  • Ghost is the foundation of this show. If there are cracks in the foundation they can be lead back to Ghost in some way. Tariq was always going to be bratty because he was raised in a life of opulence. Ghost was exactly the same as Tariq and he neglects to acknowledge that. It’s easy to advise from a point of wisdom but who is he to say this? There are demons that are yet to be addressed by him. Haunted by ghosts he is yet to reconcile. You are a person in a previous life and you are who you are now. But that doesn’t quench what you have done.
  • Once Ghost started burning all the bridges and was in every scene, it was clear he was going to die.
  • Tommy’s mistake was bringing a civilian into the game. She could not handle the weight. Was she prepared to have Tommy lie and keep things from her. She was never fully in the game. This show is so good, one performance does not break the camel’s back. Her character was a plot device and her importance stemmed from that. She gives us a glimpse of what Tommy can be. It beckons to Tommy’s foundational human need of being loved.
  • Kolby picked on some Oedipus vibes from Tommy and Kate. Tweet us if you agree/disagree.
  • Tasha as a parent, chose to see the flaws in Tariq. He was constantly getting in trouble, dealing drugs. Tasha as a mother had to make a decision. Does she pretend he will go legit or see that he wants to be out on the streets?
  • Kolby introduces an interesting theory, is Kanan the father of Tariq?
  • As long as Dre isn’t the lead in to Power universe, KT will be ok. He is a vomit forever. He always manages to survive. He will be whoever he needs to be to survive that moment. You can’t trust him.
  • We address the final scene and predict who we want and who we think killed Ghost. Tommy, Tate, Paz, Saxe, Tariq, Tasha and Dre.
  • Paz did not hear what she wanted to hear. It was the dropping of the pin. The authorities are not taking action so she needs to take it in her own hands. If Angela did not get caught up in Ghost’s world, this would not have happened. Whether it was justified or not, she held Ghost responsible.
  • You can’t lay a foundation until you’ve destructed the original one.
  • Apparently everyone has money to buy drugs. When they needed to come up with money, they would sell drugs and get a million in a day.
  • Saxe slowly became a major character in this series. He became the villain when the series needed. Courtney mentioned the FBI were like Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None. There are instances where renegades in authorities are fun to watch but not when we are from the point of view of the criminals.
  • Proctor was a character you found yourself cheering for. He was as dirty and well aware of the crimes around him but he was very likeable. He had to play all sides, so his death was inevitable.
  • There was a lot of tate we didn’t get to dive into in this series. Would be interesting to focus on his character.

Unrelated but vital points

  • Starz is the girl with glasses that takes them off and you realise they were hot all along.
  • KT challenges you to find a non thirsty gif of Trey Songz.
  • Who hasn’t felt frisky in a car? Right, ladies?
  • Kolby kept rewinding Naturi’s scenes as Lil Kim.
  • Oti has a delicious Naturi folder labelled ‘Finance’.
  • Judgement falls heavy on Oti for introducing Empire in the For Your Reference household before Power.
  • Empire did have it’s time in the sun. The first 2 seasons were the best fusion of 2 mediums. Kolby was partial to Jussie’s popular song.
  • Oti enjoys this show on surface level. No judgement. Take a knee, cadet.
  • Bean flicking from the grave, produced by Jordan Peele.
  • Kolby’s LA story was very much like Entourage. He also shouts out short actors.
  • Stay tuned for a new show hosted by Oti and Kolby called For Your Rotimis lol
  • You can’t dip your dick in all the pies.

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