Grab your shadow clones and a snack as we Ransengan into the mostly canon but some filler Naruto episode.


First Aired: 2002
Created By: Masahi Kishimoto

Breakdown and Analysis

  • The first episode already pulls you in to want to see Naruto succeed. We see so much progression with Naruto and the storyline with the Forbidden Jutsu.
  • Naruto chose to see the brightness in everything. For him to turn into who he is in Shippuden is credit to his resilience.
  • Naruto and Sasuke both had devastating childhoods but they turned out vastly different.
  • Every life that Naruto touches is changed for the better.
  • We Stan a strong Shikamaru!
  • In order for Sasuke to become as strong or stronger than Naruto he needed to leave Konoha.
  • Kakashi is the best
  • Most of the characters had tough childhoods. Except for spoilt Sakura.
  • Rock Lee is a fan fave! His drunken Taijutsu was everything! He has pure grit and, like Naruto, never gives up. Made sense to have him as the lead in the spin off.
  • Neji is a natural born leader. He would always be there for the team and figure things out. His character development was a delight to watch. Rest in peace, our friend.
  • We had a new found respect for Choji when he chose to stay behind on the first mission to rescue Sasuke.

Unrelated but vital points

  • Happy 20th episode to us! Thanks to everyone that has been with us from the start and those that are new to the podcast.
  • Michael B Jordan gets a shoutout before we get into the episode
  • Sakura was the Samwell Tarly of the show.
  • If Danzo pjs exist, please don’t tell us.
  • Oti would rock Might Guy’s onesie. Coming to a Comic Con near you!

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