Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao Ciao Ciao! Join us this week as we discuss the enthralling spanish series (La Casa de Papel) centred around El Professor and the gang in their execution of carrying out a heist at the Royal Mint of Spain.


Released: May 2017
Network: Netflix (prev Antena 3)
Episodes to date: 15
Next season: sometime in 2019

Breakdown and Analysis

  • Was Tokyo a victim to her trauma or did she use it to manipulate others?
  • El Professor planned for months leading up to the heist but there were instances that went against him being a genius. See camera footage being sent to the Police and Angel following him back to his hideout as evidence of this.
  • Moscow was the admired patriarchal figure of the group and Tokyo would have benefited from heeding his words. Denver was a lovable punk.
  • Was Raquel one step ahead of El Professor or did she prefer being on top of him instead?

For Your Reference

Our suggestions on what you should watch in supplement of this movie!

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KT’s pick

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