Welcome to La Casa De Reference where we have our third review for Money Heist Part 4. Laugh, cry and sploosh with us as we enter into another tantalising adventure! Check out our episodes covering Part 1 & 2 and Part 3.

Breakdown and Analysis

  • The big emotional pull was Alicia orchestrating a manipulative play towards Nairobi. Her death brings the show to a standstill.
  • We talk about creators choosing their moments of meaningful deaths through way of Moscow and Oslo.
  • KT doesn’t call Lisbon or Stockholm because it doesn’t feel like they deserve it.
  • El Professor thinks Raquel is dead.
  • It was clear in the last couple of episodes in Part 4 that nothing was going to be resolved. At least in Part 3 they were able to get out. In Part 4 we start in the heist and never leave. There was literally no movement.
  • Bella Ciao catapulted this show into notoriety. It was embedded throughout the initial season. All key scenes had the music or characters singing this song. Part 3 music felt disjointed with it’s inclusion of English song. It felt like when there was an emotional or pivotal scene, they tried to introduce a new song. Music plays a big role in the enjoyment, and it hampered some of it for us.
  • Nairobi was craving love. Whether it was romantic or familial. She had a lot of holes in her foundation of love. Even to the point where she knew she couldn’t be with Helsinki but she still wanted it. It was sad when she was begging El Professor for his sperm. That is a behaviour that you need to nip in the bud.
  • Considering the emotional trauma Nairobi has gone through and accepting her son has a better life, it falls into tragedy. Sometimes adults have gone through too much shit and need to reset before making new moves.
  • There was a build up and pay off to Nairobi’s death. That is the success and potential failure of the show, is how intensely we have fallen in love with the characters. Oti gives graces where the story falls short. The buy in was instant with this show. It would take a monumentus effort for Netflix to fuck this show up because of how strong it’s foundation is. Sadly, slowly we will fall out of love with the show. We would prefer a love as bright as 1,000 Spanish suns.
  • Most of the show was centred around the team’s conflict with Gandia.
  • There was chipping away at the layers of Government. Alicia was ready to accept responsibility but was not going to go down without pulling Tamayo with her. The lead of affairs was also one of the first to fall. The fact that she become super effective once she didn’t have the ties of protocol.
  • That is the foundational qualm centring a show around the intellect of a character. Because for the story to progress, that character needs to be dumb, even for a moment.
  • Even after hearing about what Alicia went through, Tamayo was still pushing all the blame on her.
  • Whenever we watch something, even if they are detestable, if people are competent, it’s respectable.
  • Alicia was formidable and we loved watching her! With her strength also brings her ruthlessness. The way she tortured was brutal.
  • There has been zero character development with Tokyo. She is indulgent, not even tempered and had the audacity of wanting to be the leader.
  • When Gandia came back to life, the differences between Tokyo and Denver.
  • Palermo just loves Berlin, whatever label that would be, so be it.
  • The Professor doesn’t know what it’s like to be in the trenches. It would have been nice to see him inside the Heist. Why did we need a montage of El Professor fighting? He would not have come close to beating Marseille.
  • One of the warnings for Money Heist was nudity, but we only saw titties in a bra. Don’t pretend to be Showtime or HBO if you’re not gonna give us the goods, consenually.
  • We both agree that Raquel would have given everything. Alicia had well and truly broken her.
  • It depends on who we are routing for on who is good. It could be argued they are the bad guys for stealing but shaking the establishment makes them good guys. Alicia is way more effective than Mahone in Prison Break. It makes it tantalising to have a worthy adversary.
  • Part 4 Monica is absolutely deplorable. We know who Denver is. We know who Arturo is. Arturo was a piece of shit that abandoned her when she revealed her pregnancy. She was treating Denver as if he was operating with toxic masculinity when he was the complete opposite. What did she expect Denver to do? Arturo knew what he was doing. Denver advised against her joining in and she begged to be a part of it. If you don’t know what to do with a character, leave them at home. She gave Rio a shoulder to cry on.
  • All of the women characters became annoying twitter feminism. Even a man breathing was an attack on feminism.
  • Denver tried to relate to Rio and Monica told him to leave it alone yet she went after him.
  • Everyone turned on Denver, included Bogota who should not be judging with his 7 children. If you see someone angry, accept it and apologise. Speak your truth at a later time.
  • It wasn’t in Rio’s best welfare to not be included in the heist. He is forever the weak link. A lot of the problems were his weakness. He didn’t need to shot him but needed to assert his authority. Denver was vindicated when he pointed out the trauma.
  • El Professor relies on Palermo when he isn’t able to figure something out. Palermo has practical skill. For all of the intellect that El Professor has, a lot is based in theory. Sometimes it’s good to had a leader that is strategic but also tactical and that was Palermo. If the plan falls to shit, he will find a way out. Palermo was fucking effective. He seemed like someone that like riling people up but not in a malicious way. They know he would do anything to sabotage or cause chaos. He doesn’t have emotional intelligence. Any sense of humanity was through his love for Berlin.
  • They made it clear that this plan was considerably more dangerous than the Mint. This plan was volatile and unpredictable to the point of them scuba diving for gold. They will make it through this heist, and by that admission, Palermo is most superior. He was reminiscent of the way they treated Berlin. But at the end of the day, Palermo made the hard decisions. Someone that remove themselves emotionally to make the right decisions.
  • The fact that Bogota had just gotten started and Nairobi was sad. Bogota got his moment in beating up Gandia.
  • Helsinki’s friendship with Nairobi transcending any normal relationship other people have. He almost died and we would not been able to recover from that.
  • We guess on who we think will be the emotional deaths. Oti guesses Rio. Denver would break Oti and KT.
  • We love to always see Berlin in the show. Praise be to Vera Farmiga’ing our beloved Berlin. KT cried or laughed every time Berlin was on the screen. There was an emotionally intense scene with Palermo. Sometimes, even if you love someone, can just can’t be with them. And we saw this between the two.
  • Arturo has always been gross but roofie gross? He ruined himself with his blunt scissors. What he did to the lady denotes to how this behaviour is something you work up to. He was just a menace to be a menace, someone we love to hate. But once you imply/introduce sexual assault, there’s no coming back from that. These characters are no longer good for us.
  • All of the things that the women were angry toward Palermo was what Arturo actually was.
  • Marseille spends most of his time with El Professor. It was funny when Marseille was comforting him about his dog Mamuk. There are outside mechanisms that make the inside operation successful, and we got more insight through his character. We felt like Marseille in his car prior to recording this episode.
  • We are looking forward to Tamayo’s moment of comeuppance.
  • It was nice to see Suarez again.

Unrelated but vital points

  • We are a Money Heist podcast and cover other stuff in between.
  • It was our 7th, 23rd episode and first foreign language. It is also is the first we covered twice in the same year. It also won the Pardon the Pun Award at our 1st Annual Splooshies Awards. All our Money Heist episodes are our Top 3 most listened to.
  • Oti can’t be Nairobi so he would be Lagos.
  • Jenga is a Swahili word for build.
  • If the podcast gets cancelled, Oti will let KT take all the blame.
  • Boondocks reference.
  • If people don’t like the show and watched in dubs, that is on you.
  • Pinching Gandia’s balls is how you reach enlightenment.

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