Hold onto your wig and secure your silk robe because this week we are covering Living Single.  It is our first episode in our second year of the podcast and we are all most welcome.


Creator: Yvette Lee Bowser
Released: August 1993
Network: Fox

Breakdown and Analysis

  • We love Queen Latifah and Kim Fields. Not the characters Max or Synclaire.
  • What we love about the show was the characters were so proudly black but they didn’t have to constantly remind you. Without having to announce this is something to be proud of or give accolades to.
  • We are well aware that Friends was created off the back of Living Single, but both can exist.
  • Living Single was being aired on National tv but KT does not recall it airing in Australia growing up.
  • Sometimes a critique people can have is that it felt dated. KT doesn’t necessarily think that is a bad thing. Although Nausicaa is a stark example of where it does feel jarring. Living Single feels inheritly 90s but can still be enjoyed in 2020.

Unrelated but vital points

  • All members of the FYR household are legal. What we are do to each other might be questionable, but it is all above board.
  • We want to believe we live in a world where Flo Rida appears in lieu of Candy Man.
  • Our episodes are not clean enough to listen to with your children but you can certainly make some listening to our episodes.
  • Also welcome to our Geriatric episode where we reference Mash, Different Stokes, JAG and NCIS.
  • According to Oti you can only reference from what you’ve watched. But he clearly has forgotten the previous 55 episodes.

For Your Reference

Oti’s pick

[imdb style=”gray”]tt0108778[/imdb]

KT’s pick

[imdb style=”gray”]tt5024912[/imdb]