Hold onto your nostalgia and get into the spirit as we talk about Jon Favreau’s Lion King. Oti also shares his experiences as a Kenyan and how he feels about the ‘African’ aspects of the movie.


Released: July 2019
Budget: $260,000,000
Box Office: $543,600,000

Breakdown and Analysis

  • We are aware of the influence Kimba the Lion had on Disney but decided to put more focus on the movie. We are cultured, I assured you.
  • Oti expected David Attenborough to start narrating credit to how realistic the CG is.
  • First movie Oti saw with Swahili included. Beyond the names with the song Hakuna Matata.
  • Not sure kids would enjoy or appreciate the realism of the animation. This was more made for nostalgic adults.
  • As humans we have a tendency to project human characteristics on animals. The human relatability that is lost in the realism of the animals is gained and acheived through the score and soundtrack.
  • Some moments felt like Beyonce’s appearance was more important than the narrative
  • Oti was moved by the Spppiiiirrrriiiittttt
  • C’mon lionesses let’s get in formation
  • The richness and orchestral instruments really built to the rsiing and coronation of Simba. Being introduced to Pride Rock.
  • If you are constantly nitpicking on the movie it is nearly impossible to enjoy it
  • If James Earl Jones is telling you off. You know you’re in trouble.
  • Donald Glover has a very youthful voice.
  • It seemed a bit conflicting that Sarabi was standing up to Scar but also did not become his queen. Consent is very important but it seemed like a necessary sacrifice for her pride.

Unrelated but vital points

  • We are not family friendly, but we do love our daddys.
  • Sometimes we come from our Frame of Reference, if you’ll pardon the reference. Check out Black Panther and Get Out for more Oti/KT stories.
  • Mulan is KT’s favourite. Lion King is Oti’s favourite.
  • Jungle Book is dodge.
  • If you want to make a ripple effect as 1 person, support local filmmarkers, arthouse films, locally produced films.
  • Bambi was the first movie to make Oti cry.
  • Oti is an expert in digital and physical clouds.
  • Donald Glover got his reparations for Spider Man through Simba. They really did not want Idris Elba to be Bond. At. All!

For Your Reference

Our suggestions on what you should watch in supplement of this movie!

Oti’s pick

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KT’s picks

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