In this week’s bonus episode, we talk about HBO’s docuseries Leaving Neverland. Join us as we sift through complicated topics covering grooming, predatory behaviour and treating celebrities beyond reproach.


We’ve listened, danced and enjoyed Michael Jackson’s music growing up. We idolised him and we brushed aside any criticisms directed at him as merely being a slander campaign.

Wade Robson and James Safechuck give an account of their time with Michael Jackson and what transpired behind the closed doors of Neverland. Director, Dan Reed helps them tell their story in a safe space without distractions that would be in the form of the Jackon family while still asking questions that us as the viewers, might be screaming at the TV.

They detail graphic accounts, that drove us too tears, on how Michael Jackson touched and molested them whilst their parents were in another room under the same roof. KT sights while wondering what the mothers were doing while this was happening. Surely, you can tell if something has happened to your child?! That’s what we’d all love to believe but the sad truth is, that’s not the case more often than not.

Harsh realities

When do you choose to believe a sexual assault victim? Isn’t it meant to be innocent till proven guilty? The court of public opinion has spoken and has convicted you before you get your day in court. Whilst this may be true in some cases, the rule of thumb that both KT and I follow is to;

Always believe the sexual assault victim, unless proven otherwise.


But the world cannot bend to our will nor would we want to impose it. The sad truth is, Michael Jackson is bigger than these accusations. Did we need a four hour documentary to see that his behaviour was far from normal, dare I say predatory, albeit in retrospect?!

I stopped listening to Michael Jackson since I was in my early prepubescent years. As an African-born kid, I could’t understand why someone so many people looked up to decided his color of his skin was not ‘beautiful’ enough. If he can be made to feel this way, what chance did I have.

I decided, rightly so, to cut ties. And when the rumors surfaced, I wasn’t surprised nor bothered enough to care.


Wade says he couldn’t comprehend what had happened to him until he had a child. That was his lightbulb moment, when everything just clicked. He couldn’t picture himself hurting his son the way Michael hurt him. That is not how you show love.

At this point in the documentary, KT and I believed the emotional accounts of both Wade and James… [dont know how to finish]

For your reference

This week’s “reference for Leaving Neverland is:

KT suggest’s Spotlight keeping with the theme of sexual abuse that get’s covered up and ignored.

[imdb style=”gray”]tt1895587[/imdb]

Oti suggest’s watching Lifetime’s Surviving R.Kelly. Undoubtedly this week’s reference are on the depressing side, but some topics do need to be discussed and the stigma that keeps victims quite and afraid to speak out, crushed.

[imdb style=”gray”]tt8385496[/imdb]

Where to watch


Australia –

After Neverland (Oprah Winfrey’s interview with James, Wade and Dan Reed) –

[imdb style=”white”]tt9573980[/imdb]