Grab onto your DC standalone movie and discard any preconceived expectations because we are diving into the 2019 Joker. For the first time we lay foundational qualms so we can focus on analysing the film. Enjoy!


Released: 31 August 2019 (VFF)
Worldwide Relase: 03 October 2019
Budget: $55,000,000
Box Office: $86,000,000 (as of 07 Oct)

Foundational Qualms

In this new segment we lay the foundational qualms surrounding this film. We did this for a few reasons. Firstly, we are learned people so it’s important for people to know that we know. Secondly, with this film in particular, the drama surrounding it can get in the way of actually discussing the film. Thirdly, there are some opinions, that we might even share, that do not require being discussed at length. Leaving us more time for the truly tasty morsels of cinema!

  • Multiple Jokers
  • Another Superhero film, standalone
  • Todd Phillips

Breakdown and Analysis

  • In places where we were left to sit in the uncomfortable pain, the cinematography and score further conveys the intention of the film. Compared to other superhero films, the directing is based more in reality.
  • KT really enjoyed the approach to storytelling in this film. In a lot of portrayals for mental illness, there are many devices in order to explain what the character is going through. Examples of this could be narration and imaginary opposition. Instead, we are watching Arthur without knowing or being given any insight to his inner thoughts.
  • Whether you sympathise with Arthur’s character, this film offers a full development of his transition into Joker. This is perfectly escalated through each of his acts of violence.

Unrelated but vital points

  • Polynesians are the product of Aquaman eating dat Algae pussy. You’re welcome. It’s ok, KT is a polynesian and in the spirit of Todd, it is ok to jest about your own culture.
  • If you do not attend to your mental health it will manifest in other ways. Hope everyone is taking care of themselves. Hug a puppy, pet a kitty and have a chocolate bar or two.

For Your Reference

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