We hope you’ve packed a clean pair of panties because we are floating back to Derry as we cover the recent 2017 and 2019 remakes of IT this week. This is also the first true classic horror we’ve covered so buckle up, pals!

Stats for IT Chapter Two

Released: September 2019
Budget: $60,000,000-$79,000,000
Less than week
US: $91,000,000
Worldwide: $185,000,000

Breakdown and Analysis

  • Take it or leave it. Are we done? Can we go home now?
  • Bill Skarsgård is an international treasure and offers an exemplary performance as Pennywise. For him alone, you should check out these movies.
  • Not sure what the purpose of the initial scene in Chapter Two was. Ok this is a small town that isn’t fully accepting of gay people. How does that fit into the overall narrative? We did read that it was more seamlessly interwoven in the book. Feel free to reach out and share your thoughts.
  • This leads to an imbalance experienced throughout Chapter Two. The dark moments in this film felt excessively violent and heavy handing. And the lighter moments were too jokey and mismatched.
  • Both movies were too long. Especially as many of the scenes were slow and did not add to the story. Please stop doing this.
  • Felt like the adult characters spent the whole movie impersonating the kids and never came into their own. Even the way they talked sounded childish.
  • At For Your Reference, we do love our daddies. Not these Derry daddies, or mummies. Not the tomb kind, as I know most listeners are american.
  • What parents let their kid play in the heavy rain? Poor Georgie.
  • Bill is an ass to all. He should have looked out for Georgie and the overwhelming guilt doesn’t give him redemption. At least not for KT. And then he grows up and financially benefits from their trauma. It’s not that dramatic but I also don’t care for him.
  • Ritchie is a one dimensional caricature it starts to become onerous to watch him on the screen. Both the child and the adult.
  • Eddie was an interesting character. Also annoying but after meeting his mum, it’s completely understandable.
  • Bev went through a lot and she is the strongest of the losers. As noted in the first film she was not afraid and was able to survive.
  • Ben went from being hindered to useful then back to hindered again.
  • Stan was a shit friend. Thought him dying as an adult was a cop out. But that’s a discussion for another day.
  • Personally thought it was weird that Mike was the one left behind. Would have thought Stan or Eddie would have been left behind.

Unrelated but vital points

  • Joker was amongst the trailers that played before this film. KT is really looking forward to it and was sad to be reminded that was not what we were in the cinema to watch.
  • KT claims to be an illegitimate Skarsgård. Where exactly was Stellan approximately 30 years ago? Until this can be disputed, the claim stands.
  • James McAvoy needs to start realising his worth and start being more choosy about the roles he takes on. KT regards him as an actor that is a cut above most yet he continues to dip his already wet dick in other franchises. STAHP plz.
  • What’s up with films for massive run times?
  • We continue to be offered remakes and the like. Yes we can complain about the frequency of it but at the same time, no one is forcing us to watch them either.
  • Like many of our episodes, we think back to our childhoods. If anything these films should be even more of a warning not to float down memory lane. What parents let their child play out in the heavy rain?
  • The best way to end toxic masculinity or shut down heterosexual men is to repeatedly say “You’re small, you’re small, you’re small!”
  • I referenced a podcast episode of Chris Hardwick where he interviewed Bill Skarsgard a couple of years ago. Specifically where Bill says people tell him he looks like a young Steve Buschemi (what?). It’s a great listen, check it out.

For Your Reference

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