We inadvertently become the relationship podcast this week diving into HBO’s Insecure. With the break up of Issa and Lawrence as well as watching with your own Frame of Reference (if you’ll pardon the pun).


Premiered: October 2016
Network: HBO
Episodes to date: 24 (up to season 3)

Breakdown and Analysis

  • We spent an overwhelming amount on the relationship breakdown between Issa and Lawrence. Much surrounding the events leading up to Issa cheating. KT offers insight how she put herself in the position of Issa and being the breadwinner with a partner that idled for 4+ years. Oti will most likely defend Lawrence no matter what he does. This is evident within our episode where he literally creates his own version of Insecure to prop his brother up.
  • Molly is an interesting woman. She craved a fairy tale but lived as a modern woman. She craved Dro when she should have been homeware shopping with our Sterling K Brown. Everyone knows someone with a list of an ideal partner, she takes it one step further and ignores this list and dismays that she ain’t finding it.
  • It’s a different space when males need to share their feelings. Referencing when Lawrence calls Chad who isn’t exactly ready for this. Not sure Lawrence really had that support network, so it would be interesting how he healed from the cheating, aside from wild salacious sex.
  • Kelli is actual life.

Unrelated but vital points

  • We happen upon a poignant observation of the different frame of references people can have depending on their life experiences. Sometimes we cannot, nor is there necessarily wrong with, being able to set aside ourselves when consuming something. You never know what you’re gonna get with your besties at For Your Reference, eh?
  • As a friend, when does your duty end? If you are successful and your friend is struggling, are you responsible are you for pulling them into line? And if you have tried, how many times do you reach out?

For Your Reference

Our suggestions on what you should watch in supplement of this TV show!

Oti’s Picks

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KT’s Picks

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