Delete those texts and dodge your exes because we are covering season 4 of Insecure this week. Check out our previous episode covering the first 3 seasons of Insecure.

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Creator: Issa Rae
Showrunner: Prentice Penny
Writers: Natasha Rothwell, Amy Aniobi
Cast: Yvonne Orji, Jay Ellis, Amanda Seales, Kendrick Sampson, Jean Elie

Breakdown and Analysis

  • Season 4 is, by far the best season of the series. This is on the foundation of the work from earlier seasons. The Godfather Part 1, as Oti would say.
  • Every episode had a theme and it executed it beautifully.
  • Issa was a pheonix rising from the Lawrence ashes. Oti didn’t expect growth from Issa this season but KT was well aware of the deliciousness that unfolded. She realised she didn’t need to live half a life and she could be more present. She is struggling but she is working towards something she is passionate about. It was not smooth sailing but the change was her as a person.
  • Nathan was the catalyst for Issa having the courage to organise the block party.
  • There was a dynamic shift between Issa and Molly and it was clear Molly was not comfortable with that.
  • On paper, Molly is fucking ace. Sterling K Brown was an option for her but she couldn’t find anything wrong with him. She has an unresolved complex where she wants love but is not able to receive it any sort of meaningful manner. She has a naive sense of the world. Her father’s infidelity sent her into a spiral. She is successful professionally, able to buy herself the finest things, takes care of herself. Why the fuck is she so miserable? Yes everyone hurts and feels but a lot of Molly’s problems felt a little self inflicted. Time and time again she was a 5 year old that doesn’t understand we, as humans, are complex. As a friend, her friendship with Issa only worked when she was the one that was doing better. She is the type of friend that can’t be happy for you, especially when they are going through shit. Molly seems to only allow herself to have feelings.
  • No one ever makes it in life on their own. To be tangibly successful in any sense, you need to have and leverage networks. Molly felt a way about Issa’s success because she didn’t contribute to it. The Molly we see in Season 4 is the same exact Molly we were introduced to in Season 1. Absolutely zero character development. Even when she went into therapy, she was complaining about other people and didn’t want to do the work.
  • Andrew, Andrew, Andrew. Asian Bae (The Patron Saint of Patience). Andrew is the only saving grace to Molly’s shortcomings. When Andrew broke up with her is when she saw the value in therapy. Also noting that she was wanting to do this work for Andrew but not for Issa. He always had to be the wise one, the calm one. Everything was on Molly’s schedule. He had to bend backwards on every little thing. It’s fine she didn’t want to be around the brother but she needs to grant him the same graces.
  • Molly sees compromising as losing her sense of self. She is entitled to her feelingd but no one else? It isn’t until Season 4 we get to see behind the facade of what Molly is. Which KT believes is very ugly. She shined in her awfulness. One of the most telling things is during the game night and Molly says we can’t be friends anymore. They intentionally wrote her to be hateable. We think Maxine from Living Single can be appealed to while Molly is impossible.
  • To our straight women listeners: Don’t say things just so your partner can run to you and cajoule you.
  • No obstacle should be big enough to cause a break up, according to our ever romantic Oti.
  • Season 4 Episode 8 is the best of the series.

Unrelated but vital points

  • Apologies from Oti are still pending for his attempts at an Australian accent
  • We spill our seed yet again to the ever eternal Taye Diggs.
  • KT did a slang. And we are all most welcome.
  • We are also the Gossip podcast, friends and lovers.
  • Christina Elmore’s characters in Insecure and Twenties are very similar.

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