In the lead up to Jordan Peele’s second directorial release, Us, we revisit his 2017 debut of Get Out. Join us as we explore our own experiences with overt or unintended racism, exemplary performances from all the cast and separating milk from cereal.


Released: February 2017
Written & Directed by: Jordan Peele
Budget: $5,000,000
Box Office: Opening – $33,377,060, Gross – $176,040,665

Breakdown and Analysis

  • Jordan Peele’s directorial debut, we first came across him in Key and Peele. We touch on moments in this show where his ‘horror chops’ (if you’ll pardon the pun) started to manifest. Such as the make-a-wish kid, Forest Whitaker baby and continental breakfast!
  • Symbolism of the deer used throughout the movie (we refer to this as the sacred killing of the deer – didn’t get through the movie of this name). Starting with Chris and Rose hitting a deer with their car, through to her dad sharing his strong comments on wanting to eradicate the deer. We also pick up on the final scenes in the movie including the deer mounted to the wall facing Chris as he is strapped to the chair and the triumph of Chris attacking Rose’s father with that same deer.
  • Experience of being the only black person in the room. Or garden slave auctioning party. We both knows what it feels like to come across people (whether malicious or not intended) that have said things that were kinda maybe but definitely racist. In that moment there are two options: let it slide or speak up for yourself. This is also seen in Get Out at the party where comments are made at Chris like loving Tiger Woods, black is in fashion and a straight up gropefest.
  • Georgina was the first character where we started to see a glitch in the simulation. Certainly one of the many artistic choices that didn’t become obvious until a second and third viewing. Maybe we are just too simple.
  • Get Out was written during the Obama era and was highlighting that the country still had a ways to go in addressing racism and inequality. Closer to the release of this movie, the climate was not the same namely the increase in the shooting of innocent young African American men. Peele made the decision to change the original ending from Chris ending up in Prison to something more upbeat.
  • The sunken place is open for interpretation and this is evident in our musing over it. Oti mentioned how the sunken place can be used to described how black people feel playing a game this they know is rigged. I was more introspective and saw it more of a metaphor for depression and overwhelming anxiety.

Unrelated but vital points

  • The fact that the villain for the Flash is essentially him but in a yellow costume is a woeful part of our history and we should be ashamed
  • Praise to actors that are also creators of sharp, pointed and socially relevant TV shows and movies, we’re looking at you Tina Fey, Issa Rae, Donald Glover and of course Jordan Peele.

For Your Reference

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