We hope you’ve taken a nap because this week we are celebrating Halloween with Freddy vs Jason. Hold onto your Kreugers because no horror icon is safe! Quid Pro Mo brought to you by Psyched podcast.


Released: August 2003
Budget: $30,000,000
Worldwide Gross: $114,908,830

Breakdown and Analysis

  • The film centres on Lori. She is deeply affected by the death of her mother and this becomes the driving force for the film.
  • Freddy is sassy as hell. KT lives for Freddy. I’ve got something for the whores in this house. Lol.
  • Jason is the quiet one that will slash anyone in his path.
  • Aside from Freddy and Jason, there was some real world horror.
  • It was nice to see Freddy and Jason bounce off on each other. The perfect pairing.
  • There were two twist that were considered to include in the film. First being that Freddy unknowingly fathered Jason. Second was that Freddy was a camp counsellor and abused Jason and Jason seeks revenge for his death.
  • Gibb’s boyfriend was an ass and a half. He didn’t have a lot of screentime but all the inklings are there. His death was so very satisfying.
  • It was quite clear these were not teenagers. When they were in the police station mentioning there was a curfew for all under 18, they should have covered all bases with all under 40.
  • Bringing the premise for Freddy and Jason was very interesting. Other early scripts had cults reviving them.
  • Shoutout to the town in being able to suppress Freddy from the children. Because of years and decades of living in the Freddy Kreguer world, it’s impressive that it didn’t leak out from the town.
  • Who doesn’t love a tasty Oedipus tale? Or tail? Let’s go with both.
  • KT loved how quickly the town accepted Freddy was back. We didn’t need the back and forth so we could get to the grizzly gore and action.
  • When Gibb’s boyfriend is killed we don’t see every little detail. In 2019, we are so used to seeing close up neck slashes. This film didn’t do it but was still effective in it’s brutality. It still holds up watching 15 years later. The writing isn’t inspired but you don’t expect such from a horror. The CG was noticeably bad but doesn’t get distracting.
  • Kia seemed lonely and her looking out for Lori went beyond the duties of a friend. She just existed to look after other characters. Baby qualm that she could have had more dimension. Also gross to laying her lips on Jason. Has Kelly not been through enough? “Close your mouth, give a blow and that’s it” Oti
  • Lori wasn’t a perfect character but she definitely stands out from the usual airheads.
  • Mike’s ending was very Final Destination.
  • Saucy point of debate is whether Freddy has similar interests with Family Guy’s Herbert the Pervert. He enjoyed visiting Neopets, if you will.
  • What Lori’s dad did to her reminded KT of Factitious disorder imposed on another (FDIA).

Unrelated but vital points

  • There are casualties in the candy war in Kenya.
  • Oti is still not best pleased with Pennywise. Be sure to check out our IT episode for more Oti grumblings.
  • Halloween is kind of a thing in Australia. Australia is the annoying younger sibling to America where we copy.
  • In KT’s brown mormon circles, they would have outside of people’s cars they would have candy. It was not Catholic.
  • KT was not allowed to watch horror movies and by the time she did it wasn’t scary. It didn’t appeal to my childhood imagination
  • Apparently a 6 foot something Kenyan man is scared of a doll.
  • Don’t take a shot everytime Pennywise is mentioned.
  • Could you imagine if we got bleeped on the podcast? A kids bop version of For Your Reference. To cover our swearing it’ll be our dog licking his balls.
  • Insert Spartacus everywhere, thank you.
  • All you need is Jerry Springer to come in the corner. It’s For Your Reference guys, Happy Halloween!
  • Kelly was Oti’s favourite in Destiny’s Child. KT does not share
  • In the early 2000s lots of music artists dipped their toes in movies. Kelly did a great job in this movie.
  • Please let us know if you would like us to cover Cradle 2 the Grave.
  • Oti delivers a low blow and makes KT address the disappearance of her pet chicken.
  • KT doesn’t take too kindly to Oti telling her how to reference her references.
  • According yo KT, Wrestler Kane can get it.
  • We also fight about, conscious, unconscious and subconscious.
  • Law and Order: SVU with Mariska and Jason.
  • If Oti was the Sheriff of Daddywood everyone would be on Hypnocil and kissing their daddies.
  • Oti takes shots at Australian 60 minutes. Not the American one. Just Australian.

For Your Reference

Oti’s pick

The whole Chucky franchise.

[imdb style=”gray”]tt8663516[/imdb]

KT’s pick

[imdb style=”gray”]tt0099864[/imdb][imdb style=”gray”]tt1396484[/imdb]