Measure your breath cubits and meticulously place that cereal box because we are covering 1998 Fallen this week. Patreon shout out to Brandi Fleeks from Book of Lies podcast.


Director: Gregory Hoblit
Writer: Nicholas Kazan
Stars: Denzel Washington, John Goodman, Donald Sutherland, James Gandolfini, Embeth Davidtz

Breakdown and Analysis

  • Oti was enthralled by how simplistically chic it was. He was impressed by how calming the cinematography is.
  • KT references how enjoyable The Shield is without slick stylistic shots and we remained inside of the movie. There were hansel and gretel breadcrumbs that dissolved the real world into fantasy.
  • Sometimes it’s nice to have a great story, we don’t need quirkisms or stylisms.
  • Oti would have taken a lot more if he wasn’t so removed from his catholic origins. There is nothing more effective than catholic guilt.
  • The majority religion in the US is some form of Christianity so KT wasn’t sure whether an explanation of the apocalypse was necessary.
  • KT and Oti have a tasty morsel of what a religious podcast would sound like staying true to the theme of angels and demons in the movie.
  • Narration isn’t necessarily the go to story device unless it is a comedy. It was used here to sort of fill in the gaps with exposition and move us between scenes. KT does not know whether narration was needed but she was swept up in Denzel. Oti didn’t care for the narration but notes that this ties in to the twist ending.
  • “You don’t go into Denzel without getting anything out of it” The fundamental basics of possession as per Oti.
  • KT felt the same visceral experience she did watching The Sixth Sense. Maybe not to the highest crescendo but it was a thrilling experience all round.
  • Fallen does a great job in giving the audience a chance to buy into the transition from reality to the supernatural. KT cites the film Ghost as an example of where this was not handled as effectively. It always felt relatively grounded even when we ventured into more supernatural territory. KT appreciated how possession from person to person wasn’t so prominent.
  • There were mindful decisions when to unravel the supernatural and relinquish reality.
  • When we get to the pivotal scene between Greta and John we experience our Angels and Demons moment. Had it been introduced earlier with less penmanship, it would not have been as effective.
  • It was interesting that the curtain fell for John so early in the movie and wasn’t the twist on what we were working towards. The human fundamental flaw is only focusing on what we think is possible. If it can move from person to person and being able to move within animals is not at least a possibility. Much like not being able to conceive there are lifeforms beyond us on earth.
  • We talk about demons being trapped in pigs. So this furthers the possibility of being able to move within animals.
  • Just because you only have one instance in your realm, doesn’t mean there aren’t possibilities beyond that.
  • There is an interesting concept of once you figure out the point of life that is when we shake off our mortal coil. A different perspective of how we view the living and the dead.
  • Earlier in the film it was established that Azazel could not possess John. Oti surmises Azazel could do it in casper mode and the host of the body needed to die in order for this to happen. KT was bent on the fact that John is an angel hence why he couldn’t have been possessed.
  • Writing can take you to a lot of places but that can be hindered if there is no emotional attachment.
  • They didn’t drag on the slow moments, they revealed details at the right time and that led to our love and kudos for this film.
  • A lot of good narratives should inform whether you should care or not care about the protagonist.
  • John fully encapsulated the role of big brother, protector, the Billy Butcher to Art and Sam. He always made sure Sam appreciated his father. Everyone deserves a John and Art in their life. It was sad how prepared Sam was for Art passing away but John was there to help find that balance.
  • Greta was like Amelie without all of the quirkisms. She introduced this world to John but kind of became a background character. At least they didn’t make her the damsel in distress. She had been preparing for decades and the glory gets taken away to look after a man’s nephew. We hope Greta at least got dicked down for her troubles.
  • John is McNulty and not Vic Mackey. An interesting contrast to Training Day.

Unrelated but vital points

  • Oti has a lot of active and periphery knowledge of movies.
  • Those that are still afraid of Y2K are probably still in a bunker with one radiowave.
  • Seeing Paul Bettany whip himself is a kink KT didn’t realise she needed.
  • Oti releasing his screenplay is the Martha Ex Machina that will save 2020.
  • We are more likely to become a religion podcast than a true crime so encourage those that are learned please forward pertinent information.
  • We make fun of Quiet Place again.
  • Oti’s cream is what KT lives forFYR Proverbs: Poke your toe (Oti) Shake the boat (KT)People are doing much worse shit if they don’t have a vice.We love a strong foundation in the For Your Reference householdAll holes blazing

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