Buckle up pals as we visit the dusty town of Deadwood. We discuss the triumphant highs and lackluster lows of the show and consider changing the podcast to Daddywood. You’re welcome.


Released: March 2004
Network: HBO

Breakdown and Analysis

  • Deadwood deserves all of the accolades it receives and we believe it should get even more! Solid writing and stellar acting makes for an enthralling experience. It does take a few episodes for it to pick up but it is certainly worth it.
  • Like the season 3 finale, the movie fell a little short from a satisfying conclusion. As the show ended abruptly it is understandable but to have the movie also leave everything open ended was a little confusing.
  • Al is one of the best characters in a TV show and his classic one liners deserve to be realised in a coffee book.
  • Seth Bullock is a rage monster and using justice as a excuse to kick some ass. He is justified, after all.
  • Cy has shark eyes but a voice of honey. There was an underlying cruel nature to him and we could not find any redeeming qualities about him.
  • EB sought validation in a town that didn’t pay much attention to him. He wanted to be mayor, and noone opposed him. He also has some level of influence with his hotel and is rife with many secrets of occupants. He also has sticky fingers so keep an eye out.
  • Dan is the loyal right hand man Al was lucky to have. His showdown with the giant was reminiscent of a WWF showdown. See you in the ring, brother!
  • Johnny went through immense anguish and the undeserved death of her lady love. It’s a shame it is all in vain, refer to the movie.
  • Trixie was also a solid character, though at times her reluctance to allow herself to be loved, caused her to act in self sabotaging ways. I do not acknowledge her actions in the movie and will chalk it up to them needing to move the story along.
  • Alma served as a plot device. Whenever the story needed to be moved along, it would materalise through her. All pivotal story arcs happened through her. She has her ongoing drug addiction, her husband squanders a fortune, her husand dies, she has an affair with the Sheriff, she takes on Sofia as her ward, she falls pregnant by Baby Daddy Bullock, she unfortunately loses the baby, she marries Ellsworth, Ellsworth dies, she starts a bank, gets shot at and so on. How was there storyline for anyone else?
  • Lovable side characters in way of Richardson, Aunt Lou, Theatre company.

Unrelated but vital points

  • Block Oti and ignore his messages about housing developments. Apologies in advance.
  • If Ian McShane isn’t on the priority to be knighted I will fight everybody!!!
  • As a viewer, it is important to understand the time and space that the TV show/movie is set in. Examples of sexual assault and the use of the N word need to be placed within the context of the TV show. It was contemporary to the time and we hope you do not miss this show on this basis.
  • Quentin Tarantino (I refuse to spell check so two points if this is correct) is great but let’s not deny his tried and true style is gratuitous.
  • Waltzing Matilda is an Australian composed song.

For Your Reference

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