In the lead up to the 91st Academy Awards and it’s 7 nominations we mine for vibranium as the explore Wakanda for all things Black Panther. Beware of all the spoilers as we talk about the Batman spectrum of violence, the Nolan complex, why Forrest Whittaker should stay away from accent heavy roles, Samuel L Jackson has tenure for all Uncle Ruckus roles, who we think are up and comers and so much more!


Released: February 2018
Director: Ryan Coogler
Budget: $200,000,000
Box Office: Opening – $202,003,951, Gross – $1,346,913,161

Breakdown and Analysis

  • Main point of debate was trying to reconcile the light hearted nature expected of a Marvel movie but also the cultural significance of Black Panther.
  • Before getting into the details we are already distracting by Forest Whitaker’s terrible accent. Yeah we said it. Fight us. He had practice in Last King of Scotland so no excuses for him.
  • Would he still be Killmonger if T’Chaka had taken him back to Wakanda? Did the King’s decision help to form the vengeful villain or was he always destined for a blood bath? Even though we couldn’t reach a consensus on this we agreed that Killmonger was the relatable villain.
  • Oti discovers that for a smidge of time he was referred to as Black Leopard.
  • We enjoyed the decision on making M’Baku is Nigerian. No powers, no suit-o!
  • Oti shares insight into W’Kabi’s fickle self interest. The person that can be bought out, the betrayer, represents what’s wrong in Africa right now.
  • We also dived into whether W’Kabi was the weak link? If not for him, would Killmonger have had an audience with T’Challa and Co?

Unrelated but vital points

  • Heath Ledger’s joker
  • Joaquin needs a hug
  • The Batman spectrum of violence
  • The Nolan complex – gritty superhero movie
  • Oti ranks Jamie Foxx naturally charismatic Jamie Foxx
  • Idris Elba deserves all the roles
  • Jeff Bezos and all the qualms
  • There will be no besmirching the Skarsgards in mine household
  • Let me defend Kaluuya in this court of law!
  • Samuel L Jackson has all Uncle Ruckus roles in perpetuity, he’s got tenure
  • Michael B Jordan needs to Bradley Cooper himself