Set off the explosives but leave a compelling narrative behind as we set off with the movie series, Bad Boys.


Bad Boys

Director: Michael Bay
Writers: George Gallo, Michael Barrie
Released: April 1995
Budget: $19,000,000
Worldwide Gross: $141,407,024

Bad Boys II

Director: Michael Bay
Writers: George Gallo, Marianne Wibberley
Released: July 2003
Budget: $130,000,000
Worldwide Gross: $273,339,556

Bad Boys For Life

Director: Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah
Writers: Chris Bremner, Peter Craig
Released: 16 January 2020
Budget: $90,000,000
Worldwide Gross as of 21 Jan: $111,998,345

Breakdown and Analysis

  • First installment was absolutely perfect and could be released today. It should have been re-released instead of 2 and 3 lol
  • Soundtracks for all movies are great and help carry the movies a lot.
  • Impressive directorial debut of Michael Bay. Lots of quintessential Bayisms that are prominent in his films.
  • Mike and Marcus have clear character types however this becomes a problem as this franchise continues to grow. This is evidently apparent with Marcus’ character. They take his shortcomings and magnify them in the second to the point where he is unbearable as a big baby. We get it. You aren’t as cool or daring as Mike, but c’mon man. Are you in or out?
  • Will and Martin were in their prime when they took on Bad Boys it is was certainly most welcome for us all. Overused? Perhaps but it’s effectiveness got us through the more mundane moments.
  • Interestingly, Bad Boys II was a fond memory until we watched it again lol Simpler times would allow us to enjoy a dodgy script that was masked by fanfare and pure joy. However as we get older, we refine our palettes and it is no longer enough. A bittersweet moment indeed, friends and lovers.

Unrelated but vital points

  • Terrence Howard is scary. Please don’t hurt us.
  • Oti is KT’s Blair Underwood. Oiled up is the preference.
  • Have you watched Key & Peele? What do you think of the hat sketch where they are constantly one upping each other? Oti loves it.
  • If you are playing along at home on how old Oti and KT are, this episode gives you all the best clues.
  • KT jams to BTS when she writes these very notes. Fight me.

For Your Reference

Oti’s pick

[imdb style=”gray”]tt0206275[/imdb]

KT’s picks

[imdb style=”gray”]tt2911666[/imdb][imdb style=”gray”]tt4425200[/imdb][imdb style=”gray”]tt6146586[/imdb][imdb style=”gray”]tt1385867[/imdb]