Clear the landline to receive a most welcome fax of a sheep pig and a cross breeding duck. Graze with us as we reminisce on the 1995 film Babe.


Released: August 1995
Director: Chris Noonan
Writer: Dick King-Smith (novel), George Miller (screenplay)
Budget: $30,000,000
Worldwide Gross: $254,134,910
Cast: James Cromwell, Magda Szubanski, Christine Cavanaugh, Hugo Weaving

Breakdown and Analysis

  • Babe was enjoyable as a kid and stands to the test of time today. Not only in watchability but also themes and character arcs being followed through.
  • Animated films, anime or media geared towards kids can also be enjoyed by adults. So long as the writing is solid, you’re in for a good time.
  • As long as KT is informed that ridiculousness is about to happen, she is the Avatar tentacle all in.
  • The film found a way to portray commentary on social hierarchy on the Farm. As humans do, even deliberately so, we start to apply this in our lives.
  • There was a lot of reinforcement from all manner of animals to accept their position and be thankful for it. It was motivational to see a pig put himself out there to be better than what the world perceives about him.
  • The narration set the tone for the movie and was a brilliant device to convey how the movie was laid out.
  • As deep and layered as this film was, it was still accessible to a younger audience. It is explained in a way that can be received on multiple levels.
  • When Esme wanted to kill Babe we saw the dynamic between the two.
  • It was sad that Farmer Hoggett couldn’t just live his dream. He had to package it in a way that Esme would understand.
  • Oti brings examples of cultures eating horse but is coy on game meat in Kenya.
  • Fly understood her farm privilege but that didn’t negate from her own pain and anguish.
  • Rex perpetuated toxic masculinity in 1995. But KT appreciated how deep and rounded Rex’ character was. A rounded out full character arc. It was good to know the reason why he isn’t at his best alpha was because he was trying to save the sheep. He stayed all night and almost died himself. Denotes understanding the hierarchy but not punching down. He was overcompensating in establishing his authority. Before had a moment of self reflection he was very much Ter-rex Howard fighting with Fly. We very much got the redemption arc for Ter-rex Howard.
  • One of KT’s favourite scenes was Farmer Hogget nurses Babe back to health. We’ve all had moments where everything is going wrong and you just need that one moment of levity. Even if the levity is offered from yourself.
  • A crucial scene followed the cat shattering the illusion that babe was safe and learning he was there to be eaten. Fly chooses to be honest with Babe instead of coddling him and insulating him in lies.

Unrelated but vital points

  • KT offers her idea for Oti Cuban to invest in her Piggery cafe in Japan.
  • Oti introduces Wife Babe and Pig Babe.
  • If we had time for another podcast it would be Oti’s ‘Will they divorce or not?”
  • Were cats worshipped in ancient times out of love or ruling out of fear?

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