Meet me at the ballroom, bring along your dog and your tally of burns because this week we cover 1997 Anastasia. Quid Pro Mo brought to you by Angus Eye Tea.


Released: November 1997
Directors: Don Bluth, Gary Goldman
Writers: Susan Gauthier (screenplay), Bruce Graham (screenplay)
Budget: $50,000,000
Worldwide Gross: 139,800,000

Breakdown and Analysis

  • Once Upon a December is iconic.
  • The movie was released a couple of years after Anastasia’s real identity is revealed.
  • Elaine: Anastasia does not need to be saved by a guy, her motivations aren’t driven by a guy. She stands up for herself and doesn’t lessen herself around males. She is a little more rough, not prim and proper. A scrappy feminist. She has a personality outside of being Royal and feels more realistic than other Disney Princesses. In regards to the damage of Princess Culture, her body proportions felt more realistic.
  • Oti: It was surprising that there was a grandiose wedding.
  • KT: Relative to other heroines she is definitely more realistic in the way her body is drawn. Exception is at the end where she has an adult womanly figure. Wearing baggy to tight clothes is the 90s equivalent to in the 80s where they would put their hair down and take their glasses off. KT felt the same feelings Elaine did with Mulan. For someone that doesn’t remember anything, Anastasia sure acts like a Royal. She walked as if she was allowed to walk. A beautiful thing but weird for someone from an orphanage to encompass such qualities. Classic example of leaving the train cabin to the stowage.
  • She goes through a rough orphanage after being on the streets of St Petersburg and no one tried to steal her golden necklace?
  • Stubborn, determined teenage royalty vibe.
  • The rating restricted the movie to the depth of reality. Aside from the distinctive Russian architecture, you could have inserted this story anywhere. In the sense that they didn’t really scratch beneath the surface of Russian history. It would have been more interesting to know about Rasputin and all the treachery. This was made for kids but it can make the motivations come off as simplistic without layers of complexity.
  • It’s not clear why Rasputin has to be the villain and why he was mad at Romanov.
  • Anastasia would make a perfect live action. The musical didn’t Rasputin was not included. Oti, Elaine and KT agree for a more grounded live action.
  • A Norbit-esque Elaine playing all characters in Anastasia.
  • A shit glow stick that only works when Romanov blood is nearby.
  • Bartok is not an effective hench man.
  • We do not talk about Bartok the Magnificent. If a sequel was to be made, Elaine doesn’t fucking want a bat that falls in love with a pink diseased bat. Of all the things in Russian history, including Dimitri who impersonated another and got married to the wife.
  • Why does Bartok get to talk and not Pooka?
  • Why didn’t the grandma let Anastasia jump on first?
  • The sad thing about Anastasia is that it is real and not a creepypasta.

Unrelated but vital points

  • We are partial to giving dogs hierarchy over humans.
  • Elaine has 5 Romanov books and many more impressive texts in her library.
  • Merch idea: Royal Muscle Memory.
  • Can the real Dimitri please stand up?
  • Bartok Elaine is Shrek Oti is Uncut Gems KT. The holy trinity of RAMPAGE.
  • Please express your interest to Elaine for a guided meditation from Bartok.
  • Not every soul is created equal.
  • KT is working on a creepypasta for Angus Eye Tea website

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